Ritz Opponent Makes Announcement at Tony Bennett HQ

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Ritz Campaign Statement in Response to McCormick Announcement Today

Indianapolis – Today, Dr. McCormick made her partisan announcement at the location of Tony Bennett’s organization, the Institute for Quality Education, where it has been reported that he serves as senior advisor and consultant. In response, the campaign for Superintendent Glenda Ritz released the following statement:

“It’s nice to see that Dr. McCormick has finally made a policy announcement with less than seven weeks to go before Election Day,” said Annie Mansfield, Campaign Manager. “Meanwhile, Superintendent Ritz has spent years working to get rid of ISTEP and offer high-quality Pre-K to every parent and student who wants it. She is focused on an education agenda, not a political agenda.”

Dr. McCormick’s comments today reflect a return to putting political ideology ahead of what is best for student learning. McCormick has taken 90% of her donations from the same people who supported Tony Bennett’s political agenda that attacked teachers and increased unnecessary high-stakes testing. Hoosiers cannot afford to lose the progress we have made under Superintendent Ritz’s leadership.