The Indiana State FOP “Overwhelmingly Voted” to Endorse Superintendent Glenda Ritz

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Indianapolis – The Indiana State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement to endorse Superintendent Glenda Ritz for another four-year term. In their letter they wrote that they have “overwhelmingly voted” to support Ritz in her upcoming election.

“Seldom do we find a candidate of your caliber who has the leadership and integrity to carry out the duties as Superintendent of Public Instruction,” they wrote. “Your support and commitment to Indiana Law Enforcement has not gone unnoticed.”

The Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police represents over 14,000 members statewide.

In the past four years, Superintendent Ritz has taken real steps to protect our children in our schools. Her department has trained over 1700 new School Safety Specialists and also created the IDOE Response Team to better assist schools during a large-scale crisis. The department’s School Safety Academy works with law enforcement and Homeland Security to train school personnel in all aspects of student safety, and it has been recognized by several other state education agencies, including Tennessee and New Jersey.

Yesterday, Superintendent Ritz announced further steps to ensure the safety of our students. She will work with background check providers to ensure that their services are provided to schools at a discounted rate, thus encouraging school districts to also check backgrounds of regular school and coaching volunteers in addition to all school personnel. Her department will also make enhanced training available to all schools that will help school personnel identify students that may be abused and the behaviors to be on the lookout for regarding possible predators.

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