Bank of America Secured Credit Card Review

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Bank of America has been known as one of trustworthy banks that serves thousands of customers throughout the United States. Offering plenty of features, this bank also offers several options of credit card including secured credit card. What makes the secured credit card issued by Bank of America different with other banks? Let’s check the review below.

Bank of America Secured Credit Card Features and Details

Boasting convenience to establish, rebuild and strengthen your credit, Bank of America has been trusted by thousands of customers. How to join this bank? If you wish to feel the convenience, you need to submit minimum security deposit which is refundable. The minimum amount is $300. You are allowed to upgrade the deposit up to $4,900. This is the requirement to open Bank of America secured credit card account. Your maximum limit is determined by the deposit on your account.

Another feature offered by Bank of America is the easy access to FICO Score. Each secured credit card consumer is eligible for free access to FICO score. It allows you to keep updated with recent score monthly. It is available on mobile banking application or online banking. You will also get information related to tips and tricks to keep your credit card on track.

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In this Bank of America secured credit card review, you will find that there is deposit return feature. The bank will perform periodic review to your account. The subjects to their review include your account in Bank of America, other credit card as well as loan. If you are qualified, you will get security deposit return. Please note that not all customers are qualified. This Bank of America secured credit card benefit can be considered as supporting reason to join them.

Based on Bank of America secured credit card review, there are some security features offered by this credit card provider. It includes protection to fraud, online shopping security, chip card technology and overdraft protection. Bank of America provides protection to any potential fraud. They will block your account if they detect abnormal patterns. Moving to the online shopping security, you are allowed to use ShopSafe feature that allows you to generate temporary card number. Therefore, your real number remains private.

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Sophisticated technology is also adopted to ensure your security. The chip card technology is built to enhance the protection and security, allowing you to stay safe whenever making purchase even overseas. In addition, the overdraft protection helps you return check, prevent decline purchase and overdraft. To enjoy this feature, you need to link your eligible account of Bank of America to the credit card.

Other feature that you will get from Bank of America is the digital wallet technology that helps you add the credit card to any smartphone. It allows you to discover more convenience. Last but not least, online banking and mobile banking is one of the best feature ever, facilitates you to do activities with credit card in ease. Do you find this Bank of America secured credit card review convince you to choose Bank of America?