BB&T Secured Credit Card

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Entering adulthood is both fun and stressful. There are challenges that lie ahead, one of which is the economic challenge. As an independent person, you must be able to control all financial circulation, income, expenses, savings, etc. In the end, you will be trusted to hold a credit card. If you are not careful, you are potentially trapped in financial distress. Therefore, a new solution called BB&T Secured Credit Card helps you keep the financial circulation stable. But actually, what is Secured credit card from BB&T?

Learning about the Provider

Since 1872, Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) has been established and help financial affairs of the American community. In addition, it also has the vision to succeed the customers financially and build long-term networking with colleagues to form a sustainable large network.

As the name suggests, BB&T relies on trust, both from its customers and partners, in order to have lasting mutuality relationships. The service products also range from lending, wealth management, banking, public insurance, and credit card providers. For the latter, they also provide a secured credit card system called BB&T Secured Credit Card to help the new credit card holders to understand what they will get by using the credit card.

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According to them, BB&T Secured Credit Card is an attempt to help the new credit card holders to balance their expenses and income. There have been many cases when someone holds a credit card. They will act royal by buying lots of unnecessary items. Here, BB&T is trying to provide intervention, so clients understand the responsibilities given when holding a credit card.

Basically, your credit card will be given a low limit, about $200- $500. You have to calculate exactly what you get because you will be required to pay it per month, so you can use your BB&T Secured Credit Card. Just consult directly with BB&T bank regarding the payment mechanism.

After paying off the payment, you are free to use your BB&T Secured Credit Card amount of limit that you have paid. At first glance, it sounds depressing, but BB&T does it to give you a sense of full responsibility. Therefore, when you are already holding an unsecured credit card, you no longer spend it on useless things.

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If you do not want to get caught in a vicious circle, then from now on, you should be able to create a budget plan. This is useful for planning your finances over the next few months. If it is done correctly, you won’t need BB&T Secured Credit Card in your transaction

You should record all your expenditure planning and income for at least three months ahead. Then, scratch out items or activities that are considered unimportant or not too urgent. Divide your income to be 50% saving, 50% spending, and hold as much as possible the desire to transact on a debit or credit card. Well, this could potentially reduce your money without you knowing it. Lastly, make BB&T Secured Credit Card as the last means of transacting.