Best Credit Card to Pay off Debt

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Paying off your credit card debts sometimes seems like an impossible thing to do. They are piling up every day, but you don’t get any extra cash. When seeing their credit card debt, most people only see the total number of the debt, without paying attention to anything else. The best credit card to pay off debt will be discussed in this article. There are several types of credit cards that will help you pay off the debts.

Only seeing the total number of debts without applying any strategy is ridiculously wrong. This will not help you getting rid of your debts; it will only make you stuck in a vicious cycle of adding more and more interests. But read long, and you will find a way out. The list of best credit card to pay off debt is included below.

Types of Credits Cards to Pay off Your Debts

  1. Discover It® Credit Card

If you are looking for a credit card that doesn’t add extra fee to you, then you have found it. For the first six months, you will get 0% of APR (Annual Percentage Rate) or the interest. You will also get zero per cent rate on balance transfers for the next eighteen months.

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With this credit card, you won’t have to pay annual fees. If you make a transaction with a currency other than yours, you still won’t be charged. Under several circumstances, you can get a cash back bonus. This card is a really generous card, and undoubtedly one of the best credit card to pay off debt.

  1. City Simplicity® Card

Does an eighteen month of financing with no interest sound beneficial to you? If yes, the City Simplicity® Card will give it to you. If you pay for your debts late, there will be no additional charges for you. But apart from the ease this card offers, you have to pay it in four months to get these offers. The benefit it has makes this card in the list of best credit card to pay off debt.

  1. Chase Slate® Card

In the credit card matters, Chase is the choice most people make. It has a nice reputation among people as the best credit card to pay off debt. For the first fifteen months, you will not have to pay any interest. After that period, though, you will have to pay anywhere between 16%-24% interest.

  1. Capital One® Quicksilver® Card
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During the first nine months of owning this card, you do not have to worry about charges when you buy something or when you transfer balance. Moreover, there will be a cash back bonus if you spend a lot during the first three months. This card gives you multiple benefits. Although mentioned last, this is still one of the best credit card to pay off debt.

After knowing some of the best credit card to pay off debt, the choice is yours! Whether you are seeking for a lower (or no) interest or compensation for late payments, each one of those cards has their own advantages. So, make your choice now, and start living peacefully with fewer debts.