Best Secured Credit Card 2017

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When it comes to choose the best secured credit card, some people have their own preferences to go. The fact that there are a lot of credit card issuers providing various features, it is not that easy to fall your decision into certain issuer. The chance is you need to get to know available options. For your reference, here is the list of best secured credit card 2017 to opt for.

Before going further, it is better to know the criteria to determine the requirements to decide whether or not a credit card is good. First and foremost, the best secured card should offer free annual fee feature. Annual fee is sometimes charged per month, which some people consider this is pretty easier to deal with. However, the best secured credit card 2017 should provide free annual fee.

Other criteria to know the best credit card is about the interest. The best secured credit card 2017 comes with low interest rate, allowing you to build the credit score without being troubled by the payment. In addition, some credit card issuers also offer cashback rewards and point. This can be beneficial especially if you can redeem the point. Now, here are the options of best secured credit card on 2017.

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Recommended and Best Secured Credit Card 2017

These are the three options of the best secured credit card 2017. These credit card choices are determined according to the criteria above, including the annual fee, cashback reward and low interest rate.

  1. Discover It

Discover It has been long known as the best secured credit card since it is designed with various convenient features. Aside from offering $0 annual fee, it also provides cashback rewards for each purchase. Discover It is like a bucket of fortune when it comes to the best secured credit card 2017. Furthermore, this credit card issuer is also available for people with bad credit. It has 24.49 percent of APR. If you want to get Discover It credit card, you need to submit $200 as the deposit.

  1. USAA Secured Card Platinum Card

Are you a military member? Then USAA will be the best secured credit card 2017 for you. This best secured credit card is specially designed for military benefits. It comes with several features, ranging from no penalty APR until no foreign transaction fee. Meanwhile, the APR itself ranges from 11.40 percent up to 21.40 percent variable. This secured credit card is suitable for those who want to rebuild the credit. You will be charged as much as $35 for the annual fee.

  1. SDFCU Savings Platinum Card
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The last best secured credit card that you can consider comes from SDFCU Savings. This credit card is slightly the same as Discover It. There are wide arrays of benefits that you can get from SDFCU, including no foreign transaction fee, no annual fee, no penalty APR, and free balance transfer. Furthermore, it comes with 13.49 percent of APR. According to the criteria above, we can say that this is the best secured credit card 2017 to choose.