Capital One Secured Credit Card Login

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Capital One secured credit card login is a platform designed for customers’ convenience. Having limited access to one’s credit card is going to hinder effective usage of that card. This issue becomes more prominent when it comes to secured credit card. Most people utilize this card type in order to push up the rating of their history. Little to no control of credit card account will certainly not help them reaching this objective. Luckily, with this online tool such occurrences will no longer become issues if you are using the bank’s service.

Secured Credit Card at Capital One

Each financial institution offers special features in their credit card products, this McLean-based bank included. As a reputable bank, this institution is more likely becoming an alternative for people who are seeking to obtain credit card with security deposit. It definitely does not disappoint.

The credit card is tailored specifically for those who have low credit scores, ranging from 300 to 629. Depending on their credit rating, someone can pay $49, $99, or $200 as minimum deposit. With that deposit, they can obtain the lowest credit line this bank offers which is $200. This credit line can be maximized to $3000 as long as debtor pays bigger deposit amount in the beginning. This card has benefits other than its Capital One secured credit card login.

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If you are getting this card, there will be no need to pay for annual fee. In other banks, this fee can be very high. When you are conducting overseas transactions, you will not get charged either. Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages of this card. The annual percentage rate or APR is as high as 24.99%. Within the market, it is quiet high and applied right away without introduction period. There is no chance to obtain rewards, too.

Capital One Secured Credit Card Login

The bank allows online access to credit card account to optimize debtor’s utilization and management. Using this tool, card holder will be able to handle their account more efficiently. Functions such as viewing statements, monitoring credit score, and paying bills are available at Capital One secured credit card login. There is also a notification for purchase that will appear instantly after a transaction is done.

You need to set up an online path to your account, which require your bank account number. Accessing your account can be done through smartphone applications. The mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. Here are the steps to install it for Android users.

  • Access Play Store on your device
  • Type “Capital One Mobile” on its search bar
  • Click “Install”
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Here are the steps to install the app for iOS users.

  • Access App Store on your device
  • Type “Capital One Mobile” on its search query
  • Click “Get”

The bank also offers a quick way to obtain the app. You only need to send a text message to 80101 with a word “GET”. You will receive a link from which you can download and install Capital One secured credit card login.