Capital One Secured Credit Card Status

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Are you in the process of applying for a secured credit card of Capital One? If yes, then there must be a time when you are feeling rather impatient to know whether or not you are approved for the service. No wonder though, that is kind of like very common. Capital One secured credit card status of approval checking, literally everyone been there and done that.

Well, there is no activity worse than waiting without any whatsoever idea. Obviously, that will make someone feel anxious; hence why checking it up periodically may be the normal thing to do. Now, how to check the status approval of Capital One secured credit card? Do you have to go to the nearest bank and ask them by person, or are they available to check through the internet. Since each bank has their own policy, which is obvious, it may be safe if you look first for the related information on their official website.

On Getting a Capital One Secured Credit Card

An applicant who wants to check their Capital One secured credit card status, they can reach the bank directly through the phone using the number provided by them. Please note that the customer service’s line for each service is different. Hence, make sure that you call the Capital One’s customer service for a secured credit card service. Also, don’t mix it up with the customer service of regular credit card service.

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After you receive an approval regarding your application for the related service, you will be required to wait, again. The wait takes about two to three weeks before you get your hands on the secured credit card. Actually, the credit card will be sent immediately after the applicant fulfills the security deposit. But, it seems that the process takes long partly because of the shipping is free and the bank is the one who takes care of it by default.

If you want your credit card to arrive faster after the approval of Capital One secured credit card status, you can opt to spend couples of bucks. This is for the shipping that can be done within only two to three days. This means that you are the one who paid for the expedited shipping. Well, everything comes with a price. If you think that this is too much for you to afford, then it is the best to just wait.

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If by any chance, after three weeks you have not received your credit card yet, then you can contact their customer care. It is a highly recommended thing to do. Maybe there is something wrong with the documents submitted previously or so, just call them for your own sake.

Further information in regard of Capital One secured credit card status can be easily accessed through the official website of Capital One. Just scroll down or search the frequently asked question and answer thread attached in the website. If the internet is not your field then may be it is the best to just ask them via person at the nearest branches or headquarters.