Capital One Secured Credit Card

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It is not a secret anymore that this secured credit card provided by Capital One is one of the best in the world. Many reviews claims that this card can be the perfect solution for your problem to build or to rebuild your credit score. The system for the application of Capital One secured credit card doesn’t take a long time either. This is obviously a good thing for those who need it fast in the first place.

The basic feature of this Capital One secured credit card is more or less like the majority of others. It includes no annual fee system, security deposit to pay beforehand, and lower amount of interest rate compared to unsecured credit cards. But what’s more of it? Because frankly speaking, this service of a secured credit card offered by Capital One is much more than that. Below are the benefits of the card that you may enjoy once you get them.

The Benefits of Capital One Secured Platinum MasterCard

So, the Capital One secured credit card is actually branded as one of Platinum MasterCard among the credit cards provided by the bank. As it is written on the credit card itself, there is platinum and a MasterCard logo there. It seems like for Capital One case, they differ their benefits accordingly to their types of card. Just as this Platinum MasterCard which has its own benefits to offer.

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The first benefit that you may enjoy in using the secured credit card is additional warranty. Yup, you read it right. You will get an extra warranty protection for any items which you purchased using your Capital One secured credit card.

The second benefit that comes with this Capital One secured credit card is price protection. In this price protection feature, you will receive a compensation for any difference in price for items which you purchase with your credit card. In a condition that you should find the same item with a lower price only within two months or sixty days after you purchase the first one.

Move to next benefits offer by Capital One secured credit card. In which, you will get 24/7 assistance for travel and roadside service. Obviously, these two features offer you significant advantage because really, what is better than non-stop service? It is none. So, these two features would be very helpful because no matter when it is, you can always reach them to use their service. The travel assistance includes assistance for the stolen and lost credit card, while the roadside assistance includes car breaks down and locked out.

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Similar to the previous benefits, this benefit of Capital One secured credit card will also greatly help you in your need. This is about insurance—a rental insurance for car to be more specific. This feature of benefit will guarantee you to have coverage for any collision damage that you may or may not accidentally make for the rented car. You should be noted, however, that there are some requirements you should met for this feature to be eligible for you.