Change Your Password in Raz Kids

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If you are a teacher and you are subscribing to Raz Kids to give your students access to better learning materials, you have made a great decision. Raz Kids is indeed one of the best online learning tools and it has been proven to effectively improve student’s reading comprehension. To make sure you can always use all the great features of this learning tool, you must keep your account safe. Simply change your password in Raz Kids every once in a while so that no one can access your account.

There are many reasons why you might want to change your password in Raz Kids. Maybe you accidentally mention it in public and you are afraid your account’s safety will be compromised. Or maybe you simply want to make a password that can be easily memorized. No matter what your reason is, let’s find out how to change your password in Raz Kids.

To change your password in Raz Kids, first of all login to your account with your username and old password. After that, click “My Account” and go to your profile. Next, keep scrolling down until you find “Login Information.” Click on that and you can enter your new password. If you are sure that the new password you enter is the one you want, click “Update Account Information” and your password is changed. It is very easy so don’t hesitate to change your password in Raz Kids when you need it.

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Now that you know how to change your password in Raz Kids, you can take necessary measures if you think the safety of your account is compromised. You are now free to explore the learning tool along with its 800 e-books. You can assign those books to your students according to their current reading skill and there are also many other activities they can do to improve their reading skill, for example taking quizzes, listening to the books and also record themselves while reading the books. As a teacher, you can access those recordings and score how well the pronunciation and intonation of your students are Furthermore, the students also can play and build robots in the Robot Builder section. It is a nice way to motivate themselves to keep reading more books in Raz Kids. If you notice that the students have been working very hard, you can send them some stars so that they can buy more robot items.

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Raz Kids also can be used by parents to monitor their children’s progress. Parents can login to the site as well to check the scores of their children’s quizzes and assignments. Parents also can be notified about their children’s progress via email.

There are many other great things that you can share with your students if you subscribe to Raz Kids. So, it is important to change your password in Raz Kids frequently so it will always be safe. Don’t forget to download the smartphone app and tell your students to do so as well so they can keep learning no matter where they are.