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Charles Schwab is a well-known index funds analyst which has been expanding their services in form of banking products offer. It is founded in 1971 and based in San Francisco and now the company is keep growing vastly. Recent report shows the bank has 9.9 million active users with more than $3 trillions assets. The bank also offers retirement plan, which are Charles Schwab 401k for both individual and business category, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and personal defined benefit plan.

Schwab 401K Benefits and Features

Charles Schwab 401K users are allowed to make investment they desire. They can invest on stock, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposits or CDs, future, options, and exchange-traded fund or ETF. Schwab will also help their user investment. There are approximately six ETFs fundamental index, fifty mutual funds, fifteen ETFs market cap index, and thousands of low cost mutual funds. Those all accesses are provided by the bank.

The Charles Schwab 401K benefits do not stop here. Schwab customer services works 24/7 to help all customers with n exception. All clients are treated perfectly regardless on how much the clients invest on the bank. The help also includes any asset transfer and paperwork.

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However, if clients’ Charles Schwab 401K account has more than $25,000 assets, then they are qualified for Personal Portfolio Review. The review will help clients decide long or short-term investment goals, evaluating recent investments, and adjusting the investment with the goals. Clients will also receive some investment recommendation for their financial betterment.

Like the regular Schwab checking account, the Charles Schwab 401K requires no fees to open the account. To maintain the account is fairly easy too since there is no monthly service fees. However, other services may have their own specific charge, for example brokerage commissions and fund expenses. For each online stock trade, it will cost $8.95. For corporate and municipal bonds, and government security will be charged around $1 each transaction.

In addition, Charles Schwab 401K, SEP IRAs, and SIMPLE IRAs, do not have minimum account deposit rules. But if the clients want to have a personalized advice for investment, the deposit account has to be at least $25,000.

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The low cost offered by Schwab 401K plan did not emerge instantly. There is a long journey and effort by the bank to achieve such tremendous service for their clients. To provide a cheap but powerful product, Schwab decides to cut their management fees by 77%.  Those enormous saving later on is invested for subscriptions fees targeted for personal advice in investment and financial. The strategy successfully put Charles Schwab 401K as a competitive retirement plan provider among other large financial corporations.

When the retirement benefits have been trembling down, some economists will definitely recommend 401K plan as a replacement for the pension income. With generous helps from Charles Schwab 401K, more people will have a chance to enjoy their assets and investments, and a convenient old age life with enough funds to survive. In short, this is a highly recommended investment.