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Charles Schwab is highly renowned in the world of finance, particularly in stock trading and banking. Its services have aided people from various backgrounds over the years, especially its Charles Schwab app. No wonder it is considered to be among the best brokerage and banking firms in United States. If you are looking to invest your money, this company offers trusted service that you can use. Even if you do not understand a lick of finance, you will be guided throughout the journey. Charles Schwab online app which is one of the company’s featured services will be explained further in the next part.

Charles Schwab App for Personal Devices

Thanks to Charles Schwab app, the company customers will have a better handle of their own assets. They can do whatever they want with their money and receive prompt customer service if needed. Here are the main functions of this mobile application.

  1. Managing

As the company has promised, this application allows its customer to handle their money better. Keeping an eye on balances for brokerage and bank accounts cannot be simpler since they are continuously updated. Charles Schwab App also allow customer to pay bills and reading every transaction history.

  1. Tracking
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This mobile application works on real-time update system. That is why its user will be able to track the latest charts, quotes, and watch lists. Keeping updated with a potential investment is very important.

  1. Researching

Without signing into your Charles Schwab app, you can view news and charts related to Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), mutual funds, and stocks. Reading the latest analysis and research about those subjects is possible too. It will help you making sound decisions when it comes to your assets.

  1. Depositing

Another feature that this mobile application offers is Schwab Mobile Deposit. Customer does not need to deposit money or checks in traditional way like mailing and coming to the office. It will be processed fast too, at times less than a day. The method is also considered highly secured. To enjoy this feature, you need to register your account to get approval.

Follow these steps to deposit your checks.

  • Log into Charles Schwab app
  • Select “Deposit Check”
  • Choose to which account you want to deposit your check at
  • Type down the amount written on check
  • Snap clear pictures of your check, the front and back side
  • Select “Review Deposit”
  • Select “Deposit” and wait until submission process has been completed
  • Get a Deposit Acknowledgement
  1. Trading
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Using this function in Charles Schwab app, you can easily trade your stocks anytime and anywhere as long as your device is connected to internet. You can review your current holdings. In addition to that, you can check your orders, whether they have been completed or not.

This mobile application is available for various types of devices. Android smartphones as well as Apple devices like iPhone and iPad are among the devices in which you can install Charles Schwab app. Do not hesitate and go get this application. It comes for free and will make banking more comfortable.