Charles Schwab Checking Account

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For almost 26 years, Charles Schwab has dedicated their commitment to build a progressive investment world. The company helps investor to make a wise decision that is not merely taken by prior emotional judgement. They offer data and a deep analysis on how the market is going so their index funds are a reliable source for all investor. The company dedication does not stop here. They also offer banking products and of them is the Charles Schwab Checking Account.

Charles Schwab Bank was founded in 2003. Influenced by its long journey of experience and maturity, Charles Schwab checking account offers many benefits for their users like no other banks. All services offered have successfully gain customers satisfaction.

Benefits from Charles Schwab Checking

Almost all customers agree that Charles Schwab checking account offers a convenient like a premium member but with fewer fees and other strict rules. Charles Schwab Bank believe banking should not make you even be more broken. Therefore, various charges that usually appear in other bank is nonexistent in Charles Schwab checking account.

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One example from the card convenient is the free ATM rebates. Usually, when customers draw money from a different network ATM, there will be a certain charge from the bank. In Charles Schwab, such thing is never happened. On the other hand, the charge fees will automatically be refunded to your checking account.

Another benefit of Charles Schwab checking is the proper interest rate. The interest rate stays at 0.13% which is actually good enough compared to other company interest rate recently. The interest balance will be directly added to your Charles Schwab checking account.

The interesting offer does not stop here. Charles Schwab does not have minimum balance unlike other banks. For example, Wells Fargo charges their cardholders for around $10 when balance on their account is below $1,500. With Charles Schwab, you can leave your account with a low or even high balance. Charles Bank will not put you any charge for doing so. This policy really comforts their cardholders.

You can find the banks in all 50 states and each state has at least one branch. Some people consider it as a disadvantage, the lack of real branch office. However, if you encounter problems with your Charles Schwab checking account, you can actually reach them with other alternatives ways.

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Keeping on a physical branch office is not cheap. Therefore, Charles Schwab Bank try to make all transactions available as digital as possible to keep the cost low. The inexpensive operation cost can help Charles Schwab maintain their almost no fee services. You can almost do everything online with Charles Schwab Bank. You can log in and manage your Charles Schwab checking account, find nearest branch, and chat with their customer service. Their customer services do their job wonderfully and they are available almost every day even in the darkest night. In summary, Charles Schwab is really an impressive bank with amazing offers. They deserve more highlight for their awesome job in serving their customer.