Charles Schwab Credit Card

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Using credit card is no longer exclusive way to pay everything. Many banks offer this card service and one of them is Charles Schwab Credit Card. As you know, this bank is one of the top and largest financial institutions in vast asset. Besides credit card, other services from Charles Schwab include wealth management, investing, trading, and daily banking service.

Credit Cards from Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab Credit Card consists of two offers; Schwab Investor and American express Platinum. Both cards come from Charles Schwab and American Express as credit card network. Each has standard benefit as well as the difference. In order to use one of both cards, you need to open your account and start savings.

Schwab Investor credit card provides interesting APR for card owner. You can get this card to handle any payment, such as shopping, medical bill, online purchase, insurance, and other related transactions. APR starts from 15% to 18% that depends on credit score and debt record. On the other side, American Express Platinum gives no fee for foreign transaction. This is one of interesting offers from Charles Schwab Credit Card.

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Moreover, the credit card has flexibility for purchasing anything, but each has credit limit. In order to expand its utility, Charles Schwab Credit Card gives cashback feature up to 1.5% for the card owner. With this feature, you do not need to worry when having no cash inside wallet. After wiping this credit card on merchant machine, the card owner may request for cash money.

One reason to choose Charles Schwab Credit Card is credit reward. The bank gives reward $100 for client who has Schwab holdings $250,000. Furthermore, this credit reward also increases when the holdings are bigger. Therefore, you do not have to worry when trying to pay the bill or buy things with the price more than your credit card limit. As long as you are qualified, Schwab will give this reward for the card owner.

More Benefits from Charles Schwab Credit Card

Credit card from Charles Schwab is similar to others. Basically, it is loan that’s needed to repay based on monthly or regular payment plus interest. APR determines interest rate that card owner has to pay regularly. As the debt, you have to fulfill qualification document for obtaining one of credit cards from Charles Schwab Bank.

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Besides the basic features, Charles Schwab Credit Card gives many benefits for card owner. You can use this card to get better service and assistant during dining session. This card is exclusive and card owner receives priority to get excellent serving. For traveling, you can get various benefits, such as return warranty, car rental, damage protection, and other insurance. Moreover, the member of Charles Schwab will get world class service for any travelling needs and requests. Those are what you get from this card.

In order to apply for this card, you need to fulfill few documents. Firstly, just open Schwab account, online or offline. This bank has many branches and chooses one that’s nearby your location. After that, activate Charles Schwab Credit Card to obtain more benefits and features.