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The need of using services to invest makes Charles Schwab customer service is searched by many people. As you may know, this is a big company in the United States. This company offers a modern way to invest. The use of platform is one of ways used by Charles Schwab. They believe that catching up with technology era is a must to gain more and more clients. It is also believed to be an easy way for both company and clients.

In addition, people who work in the company, including Charles Schwab customer service, believe to put the investors first. The company tries their best to give what clients need related to the investments. They are also confident that they are different from others. They offer a modern approach that people will love. How do they provide what people need? Here is the explanation.

What Charles Schwab Can Help

Here is information of what the company can help. If you need to know more, contacting Charles Schwab customer service is suggested. They will give you the detailed information. Let’s talk about the company further besides talking about ways to contact Charles Schwab customer service only.

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This one is in the list of top 50 world’s most admired companies. It is achieved because of their hard work. There have been many clients who are very satisfied with the help offered by this company. Are you interested to be the client? Approaching through Charles Schwab customer service will be a help for you. So, how this company help to manage the investments? They believe that each client has his own goals. Therefore, they prepare various investment management services.

In addition, there are other services that clients may need and utilize. In order to reach clients’ goals, there are several investment products that the company provides. Clients are able to select one of them. It can be a help to build a diversified portfolio. There are nine investment products in total: fixed income, global investing, money market funds, closed-end funds, mutual funds, futures, options, ETFs, and stocks. To know deeper, please kindly contact Charles Schwab customer service. The information is given below.

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Where to Contact Charles Schwab Corporation

It is information where to contact Charles Schwab customer service. You may want to ask many things before joining to be one of their clients.  The company therefore provides a reliable Charles Schwab customer service. Clients are given automated phone services. The services are easy to use. There are two ways: speech recognition and touch-tone and you must dial 800-435-4000 first.

The first way of Charles Schwab customer service is speech recognition or Schwab by Phone. You better use a telephone handset to use this service.  You need to mention keywords to able using the service. The second and last way is touch-tone or TeleBroker. You can switch from speech recognition to touch-tone system by pressing *55. If the speech recognition confuses you, using touch-tone is a better way. You can try both of them and decide which one is more convenient.