Charles Schwab Debit Card

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Debit card is payment tool to handle financial transaction at merchant, online store, and payment bill. People use this type of card because it’s very practical with no limitation. Moreover, you can withdraw money from ATM and merchant counter. For more features, Charles Schwab Debit Card becomes good option at hand.

What is debit card? Before exploring further about service and benefits from Charles Schwab Debit Card, you may interest to understand the way debit card works. It is different from credit card because the money comes from account that card owners have on bank. In general, the bank will limit how much money that card will spend for one day. However, there is no limitation for purchasing anything as long as the money is enough to spend.

Moreover, debit card is the first thing that banks create to fulfill payment gateway. In past time, you needed to visit the bank office and branch directly to handle all transaction, including withdrawal. This was not convenient method and not productive activity at all. People spent unnecessary time just to stay in line until received service. Therefore, the card was created with advanced technology to accommodate basic banking service. This is what make Charles Schwab Debit Card becomes necessary to have.

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Benefits from Charles Schwab Debit Card

Charles Schwab Debit Card is part of Investor Saving Account service. The bank provides card for client who opens account and put money on it. Some benefits will be available after the account is already activated. For more about this matter, visit official website of Charles Schwab.

As saving, client will receive yearly rate based on investing regulation. The bank provides APY approximately 0.20 percent and it’s relatively higher than few competitors in banking business. As you know, Charles Schwab is not small bank, but the top and largest bank with vast capital and assets. There are many branches and offices from this bank, including foreign offices in London and Puerto Rico. That is what you should consider when trying to apply for Charles Schwab Debit Card.

Besides APY, other benefits are no annual fee and withdrawal from ATM. This is interesting offer from Charles Schwab since many banks give more fees just for small activity. To attract more clients and investors, Charles Schwab decides to reduce this unnecessary fee then let them do what you want using this card. This is good thing about Charles Schwab Debit Card that’s difficult to find on other banks.

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As it mentioned above, you need to open Charles Schwab account to get this debit card. The account will act as deposit to keep money and become your saving. In this bank, there is no minimum deposit, whether initial or after first deposit. As long as the account is active, you do not have to worry about minimum deposit to keep on saving.

Each benefit from Charles Schwab Debit Card is the reason to choose this card for daily basis transaction. Besides, the bank also offers other services such as trading, mortgage, loan, credit card, etc. All banking and financial activities are available on Charles Schwab Bank.