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Retirement phase can be a trouble for those who are not ready and unprepared. Don’t let the burden happen to you. Start saving your funds from early days to create comfortable retirement days on years ahead. To help you manage the saving, Individual Retirement Account (IRA) product is a wise choice because it is flexible and convenient. There are many IRA providers, but now our discussion will be focused on Charles Schwab IRA.

Charles Schwab is a progressive firm which is noted as one of the first brokerage in United States. It is known as the provider of a full-service broker with amazingly low-price tag. The firm provides financial advices and planning along with personal services to help clients pave their ways to achieve successful investment. Charles Schwab IRA also comes out as one of their offering to help people prepare their retirement days later.

Charles Schwab IRA Features

Every person financial matter is special. A plan that is worked for a person may not be suitable for others. Let’s examine the Schwab IRA features to decide whether the plan is suitable for you or not.

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To open Charles Schwab IRA account, the minimum initial deposit that must be fulfilled is around $1000. However, the minimum amount can be changed if the investors are willing to make automatic deposits about $100 for each month.

Clients with more than $2500 in their Charles Schwab IRA account are qualified for a personal financial planning service and there is no charge for this consultation feature. If you cannot qualify for the personal consultation service, there are other options which are email chat and phone automated services. Schwab also provides an educative website that contains numerous investing learning materials.

Overall, Charles Schwab IRA commission prices come in certain details. The price has only slight differences with other financial plans. For the Stocks and ETFs, there will be $8.95 charge for each trade. Meanwhile, mutual funds require $76.00 for every purchase made. For the Stock Options trades there will be a charge approximately $8.95 + $0.75 for each options contract.

The price tags are very competitive with similar IRA providers out there. The Stocks and ETFs charge appears to be lower than others provider for almost $10 below. On the other hand, you may notice the mutual funds fee is quite expensive and higher than the standard price on the markets. However, Charles Schwab IRA offers other services that are completely free from any charge.

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The other Charles Schwab IRA superiority is their ability to do a direct trade on international markets. Schwab is included into the list of few brokers that provide such feature on their product. The types of investment available are American Depositary Receipt or ADR, International Exchange Stocks, and foreign stocks for both mutual funds and ETFs. The Stocks of International Exchange includes twelve electronic markets and thirty Global Services Desks.

For wrap up, Charles Schwab IRA is a pretty good choice for building an IRA plan. The Schwab plan offers various free services and ETFs along with the possibility to enter the international markets.