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Want to know more about the background of Charles Schwab, the founder of Charles Schwab Bank? Look no further, because you have come to the right page. In this occasion, you will find out about Charles Schwab net worth, its sources, and how he utilizes his fortune.

Born in Sacramento, California on the 29th of July 1937, Charles Schwab is a famous philanthropist and the founder of Charles Schwab Corporation and foundation. Not much is known about his early life. However, the information available includes his education. We can see that Schwab takes his education in economics very seriously. He graduated from Stanford University, and continues to pursue a title in the Graduate school.

The start of his journey in business was marked with the launch of an investment newsletter called Investment Indicator. This also contributes to Charles Schwab net worth as it is recorded to reach three thousand subscribers. All these subscribers pay eighty-four dollars for a year of subscription. no wonder that he succeeded to collect his fortune from this early step.

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Charles Schwab Net Worth over Time

Since he continues building the business empire, the net worth also rapidly increases. In September 2013, he made it to the Forbes top 400 list with a total net worth of $5.1 billion. This number continued to increase to $6.4 billion until September 2014. Unfortunately, he had to face a small decrease in his net worth in March 2016 when it became $5.4 billion. However, he succeeded rebuilding his wealth and the last recorded Charles Schwab net worth was $9.4 billion in March 2018.

How Charles Schwab Manages His Fortune

Contrary to popular belief, having a huge amount of money does not mean your life is always in the happiest state. Sometimes, it could be stressful to handle billions of dollars. However, Charles Schwab has several ways to spend his fortune in a positive manner.

Charles Schwab net worth does not make him a vain, inconsiderate person. For your information, Charles Schwab found out that he has dyslexia at the age of forty. Dyslexia is a type of learning disorder which makes it hard for the sufferers to make meaningful words or sentences. This motivates Charles Schwab to set up a foundation for children with the same disorder.

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The foundation established by Charles Schwab is named The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation. Through this foundation, Charles Schwab helps children with this disability and their parents to overcome it and find new ways to learn. Of course, Charles Schwab also helps these children in funding their education. Another motivation behind the establishment of Charles Schwab foundation is that his son has this disorder. Although the money is used to build this foundation, Charles Schwab net worth does not decrease at all.

Charles Schwab net worth and his kindness are an embodiment of gratitude. By giving to those in need, you will receive even more than you give. Being one of the riches people does not make Schwab forget where he came from.