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Schwab believes a quick and reachable customer service is a must in order to maintain their clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, the institution offers Charles Schwab phone number services to promote a real time and fast support for all their users. There are plenty of benefits that can be achieved through the number beside the swift assistance form the bank.

What Can You Do with the Number?

When customers dial the Charles Schwab phone number, they will have a chance to access their account. Users can take a look on their account history and activities. For instance, they can quickly get information about their trade history and security positions. It is also possible for them to ask for a check. Furthermore, the account balance can also be reviewed through the Schwab phone services. Is that all services offered? It’s of course not. To add more surprise, Schwab allow their client to quickly change their PIN or password for their account through the phone call.

In addition, it is possible for them to have a real time investment insight. The current stocks, mutual funds, indicators of market, positions, and watch list are some of the available information that can be shared. Schwab automated phone services also appears to be useful for placing, charging, canceling, or reviewing various trade orders.

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There are two options for Charles Schwab phone number that you can access. The first one is the Tele-Broker on 1-800-272-4922 or 1-800-2SCHWAB. This service uses touch-tone commands to keep their users’ privacy. However, a live representative is available if the user press *0 during the call.

The next Charles Schwab phone number is 1-800-435-4000. The speech recognition feature is used in this line and it approves voice command. By this feature, clients are able to experience the hands-free investment through their phone. In addition, Schwab by Phone service here is not required to use tons of code that are usually needed when user call the tele-broker. The only thing to do is to express what kind of assistances you need from the Schwab. Accessing the live representative also gets easier. Just say ‘representative’ then your call will be connected to the representative quickly.

To access the Charles Schwab phone number, there are commissions you should pay. However, it is still affordable for an excellent assistance that is offered.

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Schwab decide to put equity trades at $9.95. The fees consist of $4.95 + $5.00 phone trade. For mutual funds transaction, users will be charged $76 for each purchase and $0 per sell. While options trade stays at $9.95 and $0.65 each contract.

Schwab really advises their clients to be as digital as possible during the transactions since there are not many available physical branch offices in all over the states. The minimum number of customer service building aims to press management fees so their services can be reach at their fairly low cost. Charles Schwab phone number is one of their ways to compensate with their lack of physical offices.

In short, Charles Schwab phone number is a great service for all customers. It is quick and convenient way to manage Schwab account.