Charles Schwab Routing Number

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A routing number is important information of a bank account. This number is used to identify bank account or any financial institution. Every bank has a routing number, including Charles Schwab. This online bank provides one routing number which can be used for all Charles Schwab bank accounts. Here are the Charles Schwab routing number and some moments which require a routing number.

A routing number which is often called as ABA Routing and Transit Number is a code which contains nine digits. It can be found on a paycheck along with a check number and account number. Knowing your bank routing number is crucial since it is used for some banking transactions. They include wire transfer and direct deposit. Therefore, you need to save a note for Charles Schwab routing number.

Charles Schwab bank provides information related to its routing number on its official website on The Charles Schwab routing number is 121202211. As stated on its website, this number is used for all Charles Schwab bank accounts. However, Schwab bank currently has two valid routing numbers for two different states. The routing number mentioned previously is used for the one located in Nevada. Meanwhile, the bank which is located in California has a different routing number. The routing number for banks in California is 121282370.

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Schwab Routing Numbers for Direct Deposit

Charles Schwab routing number is different for some types of different Schwab accounts. They use different routing numbers in the process of doing direct deposit for state tax refund and federal income tax refunds. They include saving accounts, Schwab Bank checking, Schwab 529 Plan, Schwab IRA, Schwab One account, and Schwab brokerage account.

In order to do direct deposit for your tax refund into your Schwab brokerage accounts such as in Schwab One account and Schwab IRA, you can use the routing number 071000013. However, if you need to do direct deposit for your refund into your Schwab 529 Plan, the routing number is 011001234. Lastly, if you need to deposit it into your saving accounts or Schwab Bank checking, you can use the Charles Schwab routing number as stated in the previous paragraph which is 121202211.

One of the banking activities which require the Charles Schwab routing number is direct deposit. In depositing tax refunds into your account, you need at least four kinds of information. They include routing number, deposit amount, account number, and Schwab prefix. For the Schwab prefix, you can check it on Schwab website on Both direct deposits for a single account and multiple accounts use the same routing number and Schwab prefix.

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That is information related to Charles Schwab routing number and its functions. In order to do some banking activities such as funds transfer and direct deposit, this number is required. Therefore, as its customers, you need to keep it. However, you don’t need to worry if you don’t hold it since this number is always stated in the Charles Schwab website. If you need further information related to Schwab bank, you can reach its customer service by calling on 888-403-9000.