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Charles Schwab wiki information contains brief and basic information regarding to a big corporation, Charles Schwab. The corporation is found by Charles Robert Schwab. The name of the corporation is taken after the founder. He is known as an American investor, philanthropist, and also financial executive. In 1975, his company became a pioneer that gave discount sales. It was not merely discount sales like you could meet in department stores and others. It was meant for equity securities. Therefore, this company is known to be the largest discount securities dealer in the U.S.

Charles Schwab wiki shows that he is not young anymore. However, in his age now, Charles is the largest shareholder of his company even though he has retired in 2008 back then as the CEO. As the company is getting bigger, he is also getting richer. It makes him included in the list of richest man on the Forbes 400. Do you want to know more about him and the company he owns? Let’s find Charles Schwab wiki information more here.

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Meet Charles Schwab Corporation Which Offers Modern Way to Invest

What is Charles Schwab Corporation actually? Well, Charles Schwab wiki will give you the information. This corporation is basically a brokerage firm and also a bank. It is based in San Francisco, California, United States. Established since 1971, this corporation is famous as one of the largest brokerage firms and banks in the U.S.  Investing online is what they offer for individuals and institutions.

Further, Charles Schwab wiki explains that this company has 345 branches that located in 46 states. There is also a branch in London and Puerto Rico. For your information, there are four main divisions in the company. Those four are investing, trading, banking, and wealth management. In the end of 2017, the company has more than 10 million active accounts from brokerage clients.

In addition, Charles Schwab wiki gives a history of this big company. Back then, Charles R. Schwab and his partners built First Commander Corporation. They got bigger by purchasing all the stock from Commander Industries. It changed to Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. in 1973. From that moment, they did massive expansion of bank and became a big company like people acknowledge today.

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What Charles Schwab Offers

Do you still want to find Charles Schwab wiki information? Here is a bit more about them. In Charles Schwab wiki, it is mentioned that this company offers a digital trading platform. The platform is meant for the purchase and also the sale of financial securities. It contains many things such as preferred stocks, mutual funds, options, and many more. The platform provides services as well through registered investment advisers, cash management, and also margin lending.

Regarding the investments, this company prepares a professional consultant. In addition, there are also expert researches, platforms, and service specialists provided by the company. The clients are able to use them anytime they need a help. For traders, there are tools and resources prepared to be used. Well, that’s all the brief information from Charles Schwab wiki.