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Charles Schwab happens to be the largest bank and brokerage firm in the United States. Affiliated under the Charles Schwab Corporation, they are active since 1971. Now, this corporation has more than 300 branches in California and San Francisco. As it has a great number of branches, it also has a great number of employees. In 2017, the total number of its employees reaches 17,600. Just like what other companies do, this workplace also offers many benefits for their employees. As a result, Charles Schwab workplace got some awards as the top workplace.

Workplace Benefits from Charles Schwab

Basically, any company offers some workplace benefits to magnetize people to stay or start working there. Charles Schwab workplace also does the same thing. As a company which has been active for 47 years, it offers their employees five main benefits. They are related to community service, diversity and inclusion, employee engagements, leadership development, and work-life balance.

In relation to its community service, Charles Schwab workplace has a tradition namely Schwab Volunteer Week. It is held on May and becomes its annual tradition. While holding this tradition, its employees in all cities will do a community service for the sake of local nonprofits. In 2017, more than 1,000 employees in Arizona contributed to this event for 4,000 hours. They had 51 projects allocated for 20 local nonprofits there.

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Leadership development is important for a company. That’s why Charles Schwab workplace also put it on its main concern. One of the examples regarding leadership development program in this company is Aspiring Leader Program. In this program, the employees who show a strong desire and high potential for leadership skill will be awarded. It is aimed to build employees having leadership skill and look for the ones for leadership positions in the future.

List of Charles Schwab Awards

Charles Schwab awards reach more than fifteen in number. These awards include military awards, national awards, and regional awards. For the national awards, Charles Schwab workplace was honored to get a Great Workplace Award four times from Gallup. It was also honored an award namely Excellence in Outcomes by Gallup. It also got an award called the Best Place for LGBT Equality in 2016. For the regional awards, it has received ten awards by 2015. One of them is Arizona’s Most Admired Company.

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There are six military awards received by this company. In 2015, Charles Schwab workplace received an award as Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Companies. This award happened to be given to this company for four years. In 2016, it was awarded as a 2016 Top 100 Employer for the company’s military-friendly workplace. In this year, it also got an honor to be a Military Spouse Friendly Employees.

Those are some of Charles Schwab workplace benefits followed by some awards won by this company as the top workplace. Community service, employee engagement, work-life balance, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion are five key advantages in which their employees can get. Since it receives much recognition for some years, you shouldn’t stop moving once you see a career opportunity in this company.