Chase Bank Secured Credit Card

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Chase Bank has been serving for years, providing plenty of convenience and service for the customers. One of service offered by Chase Bank is secured credit card. Unlike the basic conventional credit card, secured ones are more preferable especially for those who just started building a credit. Chase Bank secured credit card is called as the best credit card for people with bad credit history. What makes this credit card is called so?

Actually Chase Bank presents several types of secured credit cards. Generally, all the secured credit card issued by Chase Bank is designed with some goodness that include low annual fee, pay bill online, reward for purchases and good customer service. From those reasons, it is not surprising to know Chase Bank secured credit card is listed into best credit cards. It is not enough to mention the key features of this credit card. Therefore, you need to go further.

Chase Bank Secured Credit Card Benefits

The secured credit card issued by Chase Bank has wide arrays of features. Aside from the aforementioned, the customers will also be able to manage their personal account. Furthermore, there is not possibility of fraud as they guarantee you with $0 fraud ability feature. Aside from $1 cashback for each purchase, you will also earn 5 percent of cashback for travel, clothing, cinemas, restaurants and others. In addition, Chase Bank secured credit card is accepted worldwide, allowing you to enjoy the feature almost anywhere.

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The Secured Credit Card Types

Chase Bank issued several types of credit card. The very first Chase Bank secured credit card type is Chase Sapphire. The features offered by Chase Sapphire are bonus point as much as 50,000 after spending $4,000 for the first 3 months. You can redeem these points toward travel with equal value of $625. Furthermore, they also offer double points on dining and travel worldwide with additional 1 point per spent dollar. This Chase Bank secured credit card charges no foreign transaction fees for more convenience.

Chase Freedom Unlimited is another type of Chase secured card. This type gets 4.8 ratings out of 5, making this type is considered as excellent. Freedom Chase Bank secured credit card is designed to give you automatic 1.5 percent of cashback for each purchase. This amount is unlimited. In addition, Freedom Unlimited allows you to earn bonus as much as $150 after spending $500 within the first three months. The regular APR ranges from 16.49 percent up to 25.24 percent with no annual fee.

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Chase Freedom basic, just like Freedom Unlimited, is also considered as excellent card. However, this Chase Bank secured credit card does not earn as high rating as Freedom Unlimited, which about 4.5 ratings. Designed with the same features as Freedom Unlimited—allowing earning $150 bonus—this Freedom basic is better in a matter of cash back. You can earn 5% of cash for $1,500 spending. Offering 0% of Intro APR and no annual fee, this secured credit card by Chase is worth to choose.