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Just because you can borrow money from bank or organization to buy home or apartment, it does not mean that you can put little concern to amount of money you will have to pay back in scheduled time. Actually, it is best to know your own mortgage payment beforehand. How can it be possible? Sure, it can be possible. There is Chase mortgage calculator to use after all. Let’s just talk some more about this Chase calculator here. Chase provides this tool to help you calculate your payment. It won’t hurt to give it a try yourself for sure.

What to Know About the Chase Calculator

Speaking about what Chase mortgage calculator really is, you should be able to guess it yourself as the name suggests. It is the online tool to calculate mortgage payment in Chase. Be it for the purpose of buying or refinancing, this tool is meant to get a detailed rate and payment. Chase mortgage calculator is simple. Since it is an online tool, you can just fill in the information and it will do the job to provide you with the end result. Talking about reliability, this is just the right tool for you to try before asking for the mortgage.

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How to Use the Calculator to Calculate It

There is nothing to be confused about when it comes to using mortgage calculator, especially the one from the Chase. However, for clearer understanding, let us show you how you use the tool here.

  • Go to
  • Click on the Mortgage calculator link in blue
  • Fill out the form with correct information
  • Click on Get Rate and Payment

How to use Chase mortgage calculator is just as simple as that. It is an online tool after all. The system will do the hard work for you. The result should appear in mere seconds, so just wait for it.

From the form you have to fill in, there sure is quite some information you have to provide in order to use Chase mortgage calculator. From loan purpose, you will have to choose between purchase and refinance. Property type demands you to select if it is single family, condominium, or any others. You will have to state what you are going to use the property for later, be it primary residence, vacation home, or investment property. This Chase mortgage calculator still has you to fill out the state, price of home, down payment, points, and FICO score or credit rating for the required field.

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The Example of the Estimated Payment

Now that you have known how to use the tool, let’s take a little example of Chase mortgage here for better insight of the estimated payment. Let’s suppose you ask for $280,000 mortgage from the Chase. With the APR at 3.00%, this mortgage will cost you up to $424,977 over 30 years. Thus, the payment you will have to make in monthly basis is $1,180.49. With such result from Chase mortgage calculator, you should be able to prepare what to come in the future if you do ask for the mortgage.