Chase Mortgage Lawsuit

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You might have heard a lot of good things about what Chase Mortgage can offer. However, as good as it might be, it is not like there is no issue about it. One that is pretty much known to public is Chase Mortgage lawsuit regarding the mortgage modification class action settlement. For those who have never heard of this, give us the chance to tell you in this opportunity then. Also, there is already solution to the problem. Now, let’s see what this very issue really is and how it is solved eventually in this opportunity. Here we go below then.

Chase Lawsuit of Mortgage Modification

Speaking about Chase Mortgage lawsuit, the company has ever been alleged in by the lead plaintiffs. You know that customers should have been able to modify their mortgage loan if they are eligible for the one of the modification programs and apply for one. However, many customers do wonder why they don’t receive their loan modification despite being eligible. This Chase Mortgage lawsuit becomes bigger when the defendants demand monthly payment while they are supposed to honor the modification. It sure is pretty serious.

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What the Plaintiffs Think About the Issue

As obvious as how it can be, we know that clients should be able to permanently modify their home loans as long as they are eligible for and completed one of modification programs. However, since the fact speaks differently about it, the plaintiffs think that Chase firm has subsequently failed to modify their agreements of mortgage timely and properly. Not to mention, customers feel kind of tricked because of that. That is why the plaintiffs allege in the firm for this mortgage lawsuit. It is not one simple Chase Mortgage lawsuit, indeed.

What the Federal Judge Does to Solve This

There is no need for you to worry. It is not like this Chase Mortgage lawsuit will stay like that forever. The federal judge has come to conclusion that any class members who wish to remain in the class action settlement does not have to anything to do deal with this Chase Mortgage lawsuit. As long as the court grants the final settlement approval, class members will be automatically eligible for the benefits of the settlement. This is pretty neat solution people can expect. However, how are we to know where are the class members then?

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Eligibility to Be Class Member of the Firm

There are actually some requirements for one to be eligible for mortgage modification’s class member so you can benefit from the conclusion to that Chase lawsuit above. First of all, your loan has to be serviced by Chase. You have to participate in one of modification programs too, of course. Make sure to make timely and proper trial payments. Your property shouldn’t be foreclosed and you are not currently a debtor as well. Also, you should not have received permanent eligibility decision since the start of trial period. Meet these requirements to solve that Chase Mortgage lawsuit above.