Chase Mortgage Payment

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Once you have made your Chase mortgage account, you can start enjoy the services they offer to the fullest. That being said, you are borrowing money here, so at scheduled time you will have to make the payment eventually. Speaking about Chase mortgage payment though, how you do it actually depends on the ways to pay offered by the firm. Here, we would like to tell you two main payments in Chase and more ways of the firm to take into account as well. Let’s see how you can make the payment in each way here below.

1. Steps to Do the Automatic Payment

Mortgage payment in this firm varies from one to another. However, among them all, the firm makes sure that they have automatic payment offered for your option. Here is the way to make this Chase mortgage payment.

  • Sign in to your Chase mortgage account
  • Click on the Set up link in blue
  • Fill out the form to complete

Since this Chase mortgage payment is automatic, basically the steps to do it as easy and short. For convenience, this makes the perfect payment to choose indeed. All payments will be easier with it.

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2. Steps to Do the One-Time Payment

The next Chase mortgage payment actually has a bit more things to do, but it shouldn’t be too complicated to be done. Let’s see the steps to this Chase payment in this opportunity below then.

  • Sign in to your Chase mortgage account
  • Choose Pay & Transfer option and select Pay bills
  • Pick your account and schedule the payment
  • Schedule confirmed with confirmation number

Even though there are more to do here, the steps are not that complicated to follow. You will still be able to get things done within a minute or so.

3. Steps to Do with Check/Money Order

You don’t always have to do the payment online. Chase mortgage payment can be done with check or money order too. Chase mortgage can be paid by following these steps below. Here we go then.

  • Mail the check with payment coupon to the listed address on statement
  • Send the payment within 5-7 business days
  • Provide indication on coupon for additional principal or others
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There is one thing you will have to know about this Chase mortgage payment though. That very thing is the lack of confirmation of the received payment. So, be sure to keep this in mind at least.

4. Steps to Do Payment via Phone Call

If you are not fond of doing payment either via online or money order, you can always do so via phone call. Still, this Chase mortgage payment requires some steps to follow as well. Here we go.

  • Call Chase automated service at 1-800-848-9136
  • Make routing and transit numbers available on checking account
  • Confirmation number received

There you have it. Either way, these payments are basically simple and easy to follow. You don’t have to go through complicated steps to pay.