Citicard Online Bill Pay

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Citi offers several options for Citicard Online Bill Pay. As you know, it is online tool to pay credit card and other bills. In order to access it, you should register and activate to be a part of online service. The card owner may visit official website then go for sign in section. Another way is mobile app that’s flexible and practical for smartphone user.

Well, credit card is common tool in modern life. People do not need to have wallet that’s full of cash for paying or shopping. They just need credit card then swipe machine and the transaction is done. Another expand process is shopping from online store or e-commerce. Instead of bank transfer, credit card simplifies all process and everything goes easy. As credit card, you need to pay the bill. Moreover, Citicard online payment provides online bill pay to handle this process.

Accessing Citicard Online Bill Pay

As it mentioned above, Citicard Online Bill Pay will work if the internet connection is available and you already have account. On the other side, you may install mobile app on your smartphone.

  • From browser, open and go for login section.
  • Fill user ID and password then click sign on button.
  • You will enter Citicard online account with many menus.
  • Find bill pay for credit card.
  • Check credit card balance and decide the method to pay this bill.
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As you know, Citicard Online Bill Pay has several ways to support credit card payment. There are two major ways; from Citi account and other banks. Account owner may route this payment using direct deposit. Therefore, Citi receives money directly from card’s owner account.

You do not have to worry if Citi bank account is not available. There are electronic clearance, Visa money Transfer, and E-pay. All of them support Citicard Online Bill Pay from other banks. Therefore, the payment becomes simple and easy.

Security Measures for Citicard Online Bill Pay

Credit card seems the most versatile thing to choose for any payment. However, few matters have to be considered, including security measure. As you know, internet has two sides of coin. In good side, people can do anything faster than manual method. On contrary, there is risk for fraud and identity theft. This kind of risk also happens on Citicard Online Bill Pay.

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There are several ways to protect your account from unwanted situation. Make sure to access it from private network and device. Free Wi-Fi is available anywhere, but you should be careful to connect for accessing Citicard Online Bill Pay. It is not issue if you only decide to check the balance. However, no transaction is allowed without security protection from public network.

Citi suggests account owner to change password frequently. Every 30 days, new password should be new. You can ask service center for assistance. Sometimes, it is better to remove automatic filling for online form on your browser or device. Another way to protect Citicard Online Bill Pay is regular access in 18 months. Citi will consider the account to become dormant because of no activity. Access it regularly to know your credit card payment and record.