Common Core: Academic Vocabulary

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In order to prepare students for both college and career, you must have known very well that we do need to have them prepared in their English language skills. One of the skills would be the vocabulary. It is not just common vocabulary though. So, we bring up this discussion of Common Core: Academic Vocabulary here. Well, there are all sorts of focus on vocabulary standards though. They include complete phrases and words, relationship and context meaning, nuances, and new vocabulary. In fact, they really put more attention on general academic and domain specific words.

As it might have been easily guessed, academic vocabulary words are believed to be words commonly used in dialogue and text, the academic ones of course. Basically, they exist to replace the less complex words with similar meaning. So, instead of using ‘watch’, there is ‘observe’ to switch it with. Common Core: Academic Vocabulary makes sure that students are capable of completely understand text across various content areas, like math, science, social studies, and such.

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For that reason, we are here to provide you with vocabulary resources for academic vocabulary teaching. We have common core academic vocabulary list organized from grade 1 to 6. This list from Common Core: Academic Vocabulary of Vocabulary A-Z has all the important words to understand today’s concepts and content, especially in more complex text. In college and career, students will encounter such word pretty often after all, so complete understanding needs to be reached for sure.

Speaking about how teachers use it, you can simply take some words from the list and use them to make customized lessons. Of course, the teaching of academic vocabulary must be implemented in those lessons. Well, we get Common Core: Academic Vocabulary from Vocabulary A-Z. But, Reading A-Z provides more than 1200 books at even 27 difficulty levels too. While supplementing on Reading A-Z, Common Core lesson feature academic words to discuss both skills and concepts in those books.

Even the role of academic vocabulary plays in science too. Students will often find academic words, like ‘analyze’, ‘estimate’, ‘measure’, and such in many resources of Science A-Z. Indeed, there are science units there and you will find list of vocabulary in each unit. This list blend two things together; key academic vocabulary and content specific terms. Let us inform you in this Common Core: Academic Vocabulary that students will use the words as they do all learning things in class.

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So, we can conclude that there are other products that support the teaching of Common Core: Academic Vocabulary other than Reading A-Z. There are Science A-Z with its specialized vocabulary and Vocabulary A-Z with its word lessons of academic vocabulary. There is Headsprout too which lies in reading lesson and has the words integrated to reading comprehension activity. You can learn more of Common Core: Academic Vocabulary and the standards by visiting So, do pay a visit and we are glad to support you in any way for your students.