Common Core and Raz Kids

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Raz Kids becomes an excellent reading resource which can help a student to improve their reading ability. Raz Kids uses the Learning A-Z, which is why it has book arrangement standards for students. This website enables a student to read and enjoy books according to their current level. This case becomes one of several Common Core State Standards. Then, this case is how Common Core and Raz Kids are connected.

Common Core and Raz Kids have a connection by a recently released State Standards main principle in the English language. It states that a student needs to be capable of not only read but also understand as well as respond to informational texts that are becoming more complex over time. This statement is a reason why Raz Kids has over half nonfiction informational texts. That is, to make a student successful in leaning both in the secondary and also post-secondary of Learning A-Z education. Common Core and Raz Kids go along well. As you may have already known, a student can experience Common Core and Raz Kids books within the reading and listening mode. Both modes are made to make learning easier for a student. For instance, in reading mode, a student can record any book to show their fluency which is important to comprehend a book successfully. In listening mode, there are animation and sound effects.

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Common Core and Raz Kids encourage students to progress in both fluency and its comprehension by having the reading, recording, listening functions as well as an interactive quiz. Let’s use an example: Penguins 3rd grade book on level S. How Raz Kids’ media format is directly correlated with other Standards of Common Core for reading, speaking, and also listening.

K5 informational text reading standards require students to infer the presented information, be it presented with animation, visually or orally, and then explain how those help them to understand that text.  A part of K5 listening and speaking standards requires students to recognize a text’s main ideas and its details. Along those standards, the Raz Kids provides a chance to question the students regarding the effects of photos, music, sound effects and the video on their analysis of the POV (point of view) of the writer as well as what they understand about penguins. For instance, other than commenting about the sound that penguins make, the students might also give their comment about the animation of the Earth, which shows them where the penguins’ habitat is.

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State Standards Common Core and Raz Kids are also related regarding setting out per grade competencies to set up students to become individuals that are literate and independent and are ready for not only college but also future careers. Raz Kids does share the aim of making all students literate. Hopefully, the example we use at this point will be beneficial as you keep using Raz Kids in the classroom. Keep in mind that Raz Kids not only helps students to improve their proficiency in reading as well as their reading comprehension but also allow monitoring of individual students and the entire class with its management system.