Common Core and Reading A-Z

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Is Common Core and Reading A-Z related? Yes, they are. Reading A-Z offers a great number of texts to help students learn important key skills that come in Common Core. Our nonfiction book collections (which are printable) can help every student to succeed in these standard areas: details and key ideas, structure and craft, ideas and knowledge integration as well as reading and text complexity level range.

Is there more about Common Core and Reading A-Z? Of course, at Reading A-Z, you can find book collections in 27 reading levels, starting from kindergarten and all the way up to 5th grade. Our book collections include not only popular science but also topics of social studies. It allows you to teach both reading and study materials at the same time, efficiently. Our multilevel books can be used to meet the different needs of your students. With same topic multilevel books, you will be able to demonstrate important key skills with your class while at the same time differentiating your instruction for the individual student. There are also resources that students can turn it into projects. These are great tools for the class instruction as it will help students to not only identify but also understand features of the texts (for example, glossary, bold prints, diagrams, and maps). With students with higher grade, you can extend this discussion and instruct your students to describe the book or compare it with another book with the same topic.

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We make Common Core, and Reading A-Z connected. Moreover, we make our resources, which teach standards of Common Core, easily accessible. All you need to do is select the level the grade and choose Go. After that, you will see a list of standards. Choose one that you are going to teach. You can also click on related materials, which will then give you lists of resources you can select. Because of this, the access to Common Core and Reading A-Z is nothing more than several clicks away.

To further relate Common Core and Reading A-Z, we have provided lots of features on our website. From reading activities, lessons for reading skills, leveled books, skill packs, theme packs, reading resources, translated books to instructional support. All are specifically designed to help both teachers to teach and students to learn more effectively.  Our reading activities and lessons for reading skills help teachers to teach important reading skills such as comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing. Our leveled books offer students with over 1,500 reading books with various genres and reading difficulty levels. Not only that, but there are also comprehension quizzes, discussion cards, worksheets as well as corresponding lesson plans, all of which will help in improving students’ reading skills. Skills packs and theme packs help students to develop key reading skills. These packs come in a way that it can meet various students’ needs, including 1 to 1, small groups and whole class instruction. The reading resources we have will help to develop students’ career/college readiness skills, both of which are in Common Core and Reading A-Z. As for translated books, we have British English, Spanish, French, dual language, ELL as well as bilingual programs. Finally, our instructional support in includes instructional needs to help with tutoring, literacy frameworks, learning with a project, sessions of interventions and summer school programs.