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Common Core: Writing provides guidance to help students understand how to do comprehensible academic writing that will be useful for them later in life. One of the goals of Common Core Standards is to make sure the students possess excellent writing skill which can help them to prepare for college and career. Compared to the old education system, Common Core offers more benefits for students because it really prepares them for anything they want to do in the future.

This is why Common Core: Writing is very important and every student should learn it properly in school. The purpose of Common Core: writing is to make sure students are able to write for various purposes once they graduate. It includes ability to cite a text correctly and elaborate arguments properly based on facts. To produce a great writing, one must possess excellent reading comprehension as well. This is because to create a strong argument in a writing, one should possess extensive vocabularies, as well as ability to understand text. It means, when a student learns for Common Core: writing, they will be able to improve their reading comprehension as well.

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Learning to write academically is never easy. This is why teacher must prepare the best learning resources to improve student’s common core: writing skill and also prepare them for common core assessment. For this purpose, teachers can opt to subscribe to Learning A-Z’s Reading A-Z which has been specially designed to suit Common Core standards. Reading A-Z comes with books, quizzes and tests which can help students improve their reading comprehension skill. The test also include extended response item, which is said to be one of the most challenging questions in Common Core assessment. This way, students can prepare themselves for the real test and know how to properly support their argument in the realCommon Core: writing assessments. Furthermore, this learning supplement also comes with hundreds of leveled e-books. So, students with different reading skills can take advantage of this resource.

To improve student’s Common Core: writing skill, besides improving their reading comprehension, the teachers also must let the students practice writing. To make learning to write more fun and easier for students, teachers can subscribe to Writing A-Z. Writing A-Z provides various types of text that are similar with Common Core State Standards. By following the lesson plan, students can learn the art of writing step by step from the easiest to the more challenging tasks. As the level of their writing skill is improving, the texts will have more difficult topics, vocabularies and also writing tasks. The goal of the lesson is definitely to help the students master the four level of writing proficiency. Those resources are not only helpful for students, but the teacher as well. Teacher can consult the website to create a better lesson plan that will be more interesting for the students.

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Teachers also can provide more learning resources from Science A-Z and Learning A-Z to broaden the students’ knowledge by exposing them to more excellent reading resources. Learning A-Z and Science A-Z also get various awards such as The Best Upper Elementary Resource, The best Website from Bessie Award and The Best Teacher Tools. So, don’t hesitate to use them as Common Core: writing supplements in school.