Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids

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Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids is easy. Do you would like to know how? Well, here we will give you the guide to Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids. Let’s start. Click the teacher icon that at the top part of the web page. Enter your username and password, and log in. Once you have logged in, ensure that you are there. Find the Roster icon and click. While you are at it, let us remind you that you can add new students either one or several at once.

Next step in Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids, enter your name. Choose the desire reading level. In case you don’t know what their reading level is, just click standards and decide which level is suitable for the classroom. There are Book Room, Raz Rocket, and other options. Book Room, if enabled, gives access to all the books. The Raz Rocket is the students’ incentive. To continue, select the student icon. Here, you can opt to add passwords for your students. If you decide to do so, your students must enter the passwords before they can get on. You are also able to insert the parent’s emails.

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You have two options in Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids, you can add an individual student one at a time or add multiple at once. If you decide to add multiple at once, you just need to put their names (first and last) as well as their reading level. You are capable of adding a password too if you wish for that. Let’s say you add several of your students inside. You will can see where your students hometown. Here, you can insert a maximum of 36 students. When you are finished adding students, see if the students are on the list. From here, you can create and print specialized cards for every student. The card contains the students’ icons as well as their passwords if students already make their password. There is also an option in Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids to give a letter to the parents so they can log on and monitor their children’s progress.

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If you return to Roster and log out, you will go to the classroom again. You can notice the new students that you have just added previously. Teacher section is our next destination because there is something we need to tell you. What if the last names of students do not appear? To solve this, simply return to the Raz Kids and select Roster tab. Go to the end of the Roster tab page, and you can find a checkbox. This checkbox states that the only the students’ last names will appear on login chart. Check the box and log out. This way, your students can begin to log in and use Raz Kids. And that’s the guide to Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids.