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Credit card security code can also be called card code verification (CCV) or card security code (CSC). The code can be found written or embossed on the card and usually it is preceded by bank card number. Regardless how it is called, they all work the same. It is designed to reduce the risk of credit card fraud incident. Security credit card code works as an additional protection for a card less payment transaction, for example during online transaction. However, what if we just want to take a look on a product without any intention of buying it and the shop requires us to input our credit card number? This time, a credit card security code generator is required.

About Credit Card Security Code Generator

So, let’s actually break down credit card security code generators explanation. In these days, you can make artificial credit card number along with its security code using generator which can be found easily on the internet. This credit card security code generator randomly arranges series of number which will be considered as a valid credit card number by most software check. The checker will not know that the card is actually invalid until they try to charge it.

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For your information, the magic behind most of credit card security code generator is an algorithm known as “Luhn Check”. How the algorithm work is actually simple. Every time credit card is used, there will be an authentication process which is aimed to ensure the validity of the credit card.

The transaction process begins when the card is swiped on a credit machine. The information that contained on the card magnetic stripe will be connected to the server for checking process. In order to avoid any mistakes, the credit card is designed to have a first checking system. The checking process covers number checking algorithm. This algorithm is what we called “Luhn Check” which then used by many credit card security code generators.

The number arrangement made by credit card security code generators are clearly random. When they are called valid, it means they are possible arrangements which will be considered as valid by the algorithm. It doesn’t mean they are a real credit card number that can be used for an actual transaction.

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Though the credit card security code generators explanation seems to be complicated, you don’t have to be worried. There are plenty of credit card code generators you can use. All you need is just to fill in some needed information then just click ‘generate’. Your number will be pooped out then. But what is the truly function of artificial number from credit card security code generators?

Well, as discussed above, you can use the artificial number for a window shopping activity. There is no need to provide your actual credit card information for the shopping merchant without any intention to buying any products. In addition, the credit card security code generators are also useful for programmers to test their ecommerce websites or software.