Debt Consolidation with Bad Credit

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Debt is not issue as long as borrower can pay it regularly. Usually, you have debt from credit card, student loan, or mortgage. The problem arises because having debt number more than your income can lead to bad credit. In order to handle this situation, there are several ways to choose. In this case, debt consolidation with bad credit is one of them.

Understanding about Debt Consolidation

Some people have wallet that’s not full of cash, but credit card. They use the card to pay many things, such as daily groceries and travel expense. Moreover, credit card comes in first choice for emergency, particularly medical or health cost. Therefore, the debts increase and regular payment is rising significantly.

Well, debt consolidation is loan for personal to pay off entire debts from credit card. In simple term, you have debt balance and interest then this loan is capable to cover them entirely. It is simple and easy thing when the debt is normal, so the borrower has good score. The main issue is about debt consolidation with bad credit. This situation is completely opposite because bad score give a low chance to get better loan.

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How to get debt consolidation with bad credit? This is interesting question, but the answer might not as simple as it seems. As you know, credit score is the rating to determine the debt worthiness and safety reason for lender to give the money. FICO score is the most popular one that every lender and bank puts it into consideration before giving loan.

People with score less than 630 have bad score. If the score is lower than the number, it is very high risk to receive loan. Debt consolidation is personal loan that means credit score is very important as principal requirements. Bank or credit union will not take a risk for giving debt consolidation with bad credit.

Small chance does not lack of option. If you have bad score, several ways may be useful to try. Go to credit unions because they offer more negotiation, particularly for someone with bad credit score. Moreover, they do not intend to maximize profit when dealing with personal loan.

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You might be wondering why debt consolidation with bad credit is good solution. Credit card has interest rate for two digits. On contrary, this loan will have lower digit, even more than half of it. Unfortunately, bad credit will increase the loan rate because the risk is higher. Instead of having lower interest, you will end up with the same or more one.

To prevent this situation, you should consider taking debt consolidation with collateral. Credit card has high rate because of the loan without collateral. You can negotiate to accept the debt consolidation with bad credit and its collateral. If borrower cannot pay, lender has right to seize then sell it to obtain money.

There are several things to know about personal loan as debt consolidation. Bank or lender will suggest going for home equity because of higher chance for acceptance. That is true, but your home will be the collateral and it affects mortgage. At least, this is good choice to overcome debt consolidation with bad credit.