Discover It Secured Credit Card

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A secured credit card is given to a potential holder without any analysis or verification process or called as instant approval. But in order to be eligible for this credit card, a certain amount of your savings in a bank has to be guaranteed for the card. For beginners, Discover It Secured Credit Card is a great choice.

Discover is a bank that’s renowned for offering great service to its customers, including issuing credit cards and various transactions. When getting credit card from Discover Bank, you do not have to worry too much about its trustworthiness. All credit cards issued by Discover have high ratings.

Benefits of Discover It Secured Credit Card

First of all, Discover It Secured Credit Card is an actual credit card. That being said, it is not a prepaid card, debit card, or any other types of card. With a secured credit card, it is possible to build credit score. Prepaid cards and debit cards cannot be used to do that.

Next, the deposit you make when applying for this Discover It Credit Card can be refunded. With this advantage, you can feel safer when holding the credit card. You can also decide how much you want to deposit, as long as it reaches the minimum amount.

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When you have Discover It Secured Credit Card, you will get more security because whenever your social security number appears in an unsafe website, you will be notified. This way, you can immediately take action. It is always being monitored, so don’t worry.

You can also receive cash back every time you make a purchase with Discover It secured Credit Card. In restaurants and gas stations, you will get two percent cashback for your purchase. If collected, the total amount of cash back you earn every quarter can reach up to one thousand dollars. In any other purchases, the cash back given is one percent.

The total amount of the cash back you have earned in a time span of one year will be matched with each transaction by Discover, so the chances of getting the wrong amount is almost none. The Discover It Secured Credit Card makes it possible to get many cash backs – keeping track of them will be hard. Discover makes it easier for you.

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Another reason to choose Discover It Secured Credit Card over any other ones is that you don’t have to pay any annual fee. Annual fees are sometimes the problem hindering people from getting credit cards, but you don’t have to worry about that if you get this card.

Checking your FICO credit score sometimes can be overwhelming but using the secured credit card issued by Discover makes it less complicated. By using this credit card, you can check your FICO score monthly for free and easily.

Choosing the right secured credit card can be hard, but this article has described the advantages you can get from Discover It Secured Credit Card. If you are still considering several options, try this card and feel the benefits.