Family Guy Credit Card Debt

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Well, in one of the episodes of Family Guy, two of the main characters Quagmire and Peter found out that they are able to share a tone in a very harmonious way. This realization leads them into full songwriter slash singer mode throughout the episode. One of their songs is this particular song which is often called as family guy credit card debt song.

The Original Story of Family Guy Credit Card Debt

The song of family guy credit card debt was made when both Quagmire and Peter went to Mort’s pharmacy. They went there originally for some papers, but after the said man eventually tell them about his past career in the music industry, they recruit him to be their manager. Mort also invites the duo to deliver a performance at the library.

At some points, when they visit the pharmacy, Quagmire picks up a not from the display rack. However, he doesn’t have any cash at the moment, so he asks Peter to pay it for him. That’s when Peter starts to sing Family Guy credit card debt after he said that he will pay for the note.

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This Family Guy credit card debt song actually portrays Peter’s attitude regarding his credit card debt. In which, the attitude is said to be not good or even bad. It is implied in his sentence for Quagmire when he said that sure he will put it on his credit card. After all, he is not going to pay it back.

Peter’s carelessness is continued to be illustrated on the next lyrics line of the song. He sings with a ukulele in hands that he has an exact thirty thousand dollars as his credit card debt. And when the bank calls for his responsibility or duty to pay off the debt, he said that he cannot pay them back at the moment. This Family Guy credit card debt song is pretty ironic for those who watch it.

It is because the cartoon Family Guy often brings up relatable stories to the screen. So, when this song is made up, it is kind of satirizing people with the same attitude as Peter toward credit card debt.

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Back to the Family Guy credit card debt song, the bad attitude of Peter is emphasized on the next line of lyrics. With the lyrics, he implies that even if he has a total of thousands dollars debt, he may still buy himself a set of a dining room or even a figurine of Boba Fett for tomorrow. What so concerning here is the fact that the price of a set of dining room is obviously cannot be considered as cheap. After that thirty thousands of dollars of debt, how can someone easily adding another couple of hundreds into it?

Also, aside from lyrics, you can see from the way Peter dances along the song and the way he sings the lyrics of Family Guy credit card debt, Peter is certainly very ignorant toward his amass of debt. He sounds very carefree when talking about putting something on his credit card since he is never going to pay them off anyway.