First Premier Secured Credit Card

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Is credit card history making it impossible to request a credit card? If that is the case, this card can be a solution. This card requires very minimal requirements to make. Without any credit history required to apply, anyone can get this credit card. This is beneficial because a credit card history is often the thing that hinders someone from getting the new one. Well, First Premier Secured Credit Card is one of the best secured credit cards available.

First Premier Bank is known for providing First Premier Secured Credit Card to customers with less-than-good credit scores, giving them some hope to improve their credit report. Secured credit cards are their specialty. When the deposit has been made, the card issued can be used like any other credit cards.

When applying for First Premier Secured Credit Card, the applicant will get a response from the bank in as little as thirty seconds. This really helps with time efficiency, considering that more people are getting busier these days. The First Premier Bank Secured Credit Card is guaranteed to be a genuine one, which means it is not a form of a debit or prepaid card.

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What to Do When First Premier Secured Credit Card Application is approved?

First of all, congratulations! Now, the first thing to do is funding the security deposit. This step should be done in all secured credit card applications. Next, after the security deposit has been funded, First Premier Secured Credit Card limit can be built. This credit card limit can be built up to five thousand dollars.

The limit of First Premier Secured Credit Card can increase over time, depending on how much funds are added to the security deposit. The more funds are added, the more limits this secured credit card will have. Of course, having a high credit card limit is always a good thing for the holders.

However, the increase in credit card limit should be considered wisely by holders because there will be an additional fee to pay. Other than that, First Premier Secured Credit Card holders can also get a report on their FICO score on a monthly basis. This will help the card holders to maintain the score if it is already good enough, or try to increase their score if they feel it is not enough. Having a higher FICO score makes it easier to get credit in the future.

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Those who own First Premier Secured Credit Card are protected from fraudulent activities and other crimes that will cause loss. Credit cards are prone to scamming and criminal activities, so this protection will help. Of course, there are some restrictions made by the bank. Nonetheless, this protection still helps.

The First Premier Secured Credit Card suits those with bad credit. This card can help increasing the credit score in order to get better reputation in the future. However, having a bad credit alone does not guarantee the approval to get this credit card. All decisions depend on First Premier Bank.