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When I want to communicate with my loved inmate, I go to my JPay account. With JPay, we can communicate without wasting time to go to the jail. This also allows us talk face to face to the prisoner personally. Anyway, JPay can handle it all well. This is a good service with the right mission & vision to keep the relationship among clients.

What Does JPay Mean?

JPay is a service that was founded in 2012. It has been spread over 30 states around the world. JPay does not only offer correction-related service but also trusted payment choices. When I go to my JPay account, I can send money, write messages, and also send email easily to the inmate I love. Besides that, by doing JPay login, we can also enjoy some features such as playing music, watching videos, and other services for post-release inmate, probation, and parole.

JPay is an industry that is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. It establishes cooperation & also make a contract with private federal prisons, the state Departments of Correction, and country jails to supply and give useful services & techs like video visitation, money transfer, email, probation payment, parole payment, etc. I just need to go to my JPay account to enjoy those services.

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What Are the Facilities of JPay?

Sending Money to an Inmate You Love

When I go to my JPay account on www.jpay.com I can do many things. One of them is to send money to an inmate I love. The process of sending money is not only safe but also fast. You do not need to visit the jail, just wait in front of a computer.

JPay accepts various kinds of online transfer such as via credit card. We can transfer money to more than one prisoner. The process is also easy to do. That is why if I want to transfer money to my family or my friend in the jail, I go to my JPay account and use the feature of money transfer.

Writing & Sending Email

From JPay.com, we can connect and communicate to an inmate in the prison easily. We can write & send email to our loved prisoner in the jail so that we do not need to send a printed letter to them. JPay claims that email will be received fast so that the inmate can reply it soon electronically. I can go to my JPay account and attach photos, too.

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Video Visitation

There is one more interesting facility provided by JPay login aspx. It is called video visitation. It allows us to see the face of an inmate and communicate with him or her from video. However, it costs some money and the price is various. Besides that, it is also commonly no longer than a half hour. Therefore, I go to my JPay account and use this service wisely. If you are also interested, you have to make sure that the PC or laptop and webcam support this facility and also have capability to talk with an inmate you love in the jail.