Governor Limits In Salesforce

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Apex runtime engine uses Governor Limits in Salesforce to keep coding in efficient way. What is Governor Limits? In simple term, it is like warning system or rule from Apex to ensure that all coding and queries are efficient and scalable.

Governor Limits in Salesforce relates closely to the way programmer handles and manages to write the simple query and code for complex task. It is not difficult job, but very important to fulfil due to environment limitation.

Before exploring more about this topic, there are few interesting things about Salesforce. As you know, it is company that provides software and cloud computing service. The clients come from small business to big corporation with vast asset. Each client has his own administrator to manage Salesforce software. Those employees have to know about Governor Limits in Salesforce, though not specifically acts as programmer. Such knowledge helps to ensure the system and database will work properly.

Knowing Deeper about Governor Limits in Salesforce

As software, Salesforce uses specific platform. It can be modified to fulfill particular needs and preference. Apex runtime will make sure this platform works nicely with others in one environment. As you know, Governor Limits in Salesforce protects system and support customization mode.

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It seems complex, but you will understand it in simple explanation. Company network and database is like warehouse with much stuff, including customer and products. From single warehouse, company creates software or platform to access it efficiently. There is no need to open entire warehouse just for finding small product. This platform is not just one, even more than three that depends on company capacity. Each has different platform, but with one purpose on warehouse. One platform or software might reduce other capabilities because of excessive memory, coding, and query. This is where Governor Limits in Salesforce comes into the right place to keep its own platform in check.

Apex limit will manage to keep few things in check, such as push notification, email, pre-transaction, and miscellaneous access. Email still plays the major role in business to handle daily basis communication. Governor Limits in Salesforce has capability to limit email and select only the most important one.

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Salesforce Governor Limit is the key on Pre-Transaction system. As you know, this thing includes SOQL issue, retrieved queries, HTML request, and GML statement. Those things are complex and advanced terms in programming and coding. However, Salesforce developer provides useful guidelines related to them. You can find it at official website at

CRM software becomes the major products from Salesforce service. It helps to manage almost entire aspects on business, such as customers, sales, marketing, commerce, customer service, etc. This software also uses cloud computing to keep the cost as low as possible. There is no need to build server and invest on hardware immediately. For small business, the server requires more money and decreases capital to expand the core business.

In order to handle CRM properly, business and clients have to hire Salesforce administrator. He has to understand about Governor Limits in Salesforce, though only in general concept. That is enough to keep software in check for daily basis activity.