Green Dot Secured Credit Card Reviews

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Those having problem with credit history need to consider opening secured credit card. Unfortunately, not many credit card issuers provide this. In fact, secured credit card is safer to the lender. For your information, secured credit card refers to credit card option in which the cardholder needs to have refundable deposit. This is more convenient to the lender as it directly reduces their risk. Green Dots as one of the large credit card issuer knows this. Recently, they launch secured credit card. Here are the Green Dot secured credit card reviews.

The review helps you find out whether or not this credit card provider is worthwhile. Before going straightly to the customer’s review, let’s get to know the advantages offered by Green Dot secured card. Unlike regular credit cards that do not allow people with bad credit to join, this secured credit card brings wind of change. It has great opportunity for those do not have chance of regular credit card. Your deposit plays as collateral, so you will need to pay for each purchase.

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What People Think about Green Dot Secured Credit Card

This review will focus on Green Dot Platinum secured credit card. It will summarize consumer’s review and testimony according to their experience of using Green Got secured credit card. Overall, Green Dot secured credit card reviews got 3.5 stars out of 5 with average score is 511.  There are some main points about the review as follow:

  1. Customer Service

We know that customer service plays a great role in giving the best service for the consumers. Green Dot seems to know this very well. Among many reviews, the customer service gets score of 4 out of 5. This is surely a high score compared to the other credit card issuers. The helpful customer service that makes the consumers feel convenient is the key of success in building a business.

  1. Easy Score Achievement

Aside from the satisfying customer service, the next good thing from Green Dot secured credit card reviews is the score achievement. Most of consumers stated that their credit score increases significantly in few months. This is surely good news for people who need to get high credit score to get another loan.

  1. Easy to Get Card
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Another good thing of credit card is how easy it is to get the card. While some credit card issuers apply long bureaucracy and requires huge pile of documents, Green Dot credit card is quite easy to acquire. It is such a soothing solution for people who find it is quite difficult to open another account due to bad credit history.

Those are some reviews related to Green Dot secured credit card. Based on the reviews above, Green Dot is quite recommended to get another credit card. Especially for people with bad credit or those who do not want to prepare many documents. After reading these Green Dot secured credit card reviews, you can decide by yourself whether or not this issuer is suitable for you.