How to Add Money to Someone Else’s Netspend Card

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Are you familiar with Netspend prepaid? Or probably you already have account on Netspend? In case you do not have any idea about what Netspend is, you need to check this out. Netspend is popularly known as prepaid debit cards that provides MasterCard and Visa as the card option. It does not require minimum balance as well as credit check, allowing the consumers to get this card in quite easy way. The question is, can the customer add money to other’s card? If it is allowed, so how to add money to someone else’s Netspend card?

Before going further, it is better to know more about Netspend itself. If you already have Netspend account, there is nothing to worry about considering Netspend card is already insured by FDIC, the insurance corporation. The card is insured up to the coverage limit and can be used anywhere with Debit Visa and MasterCard. It offers so much convenience, including purchases in store, by phone or online. You can also make cash withdrawal through ATM worldwide.

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To use Netspend card is actually easy. At checkout counter, in case you choose credit, you have to provide signature. The transaction fee will be $1 for each purchase. The funds will be deducted from your Netspend card account. In case you choose debit, you need to submit PIN. The transaction fee for debit is $2. If you subscribe Fee Advantage Plans, you can avoid individual transaction fee. You will be charged $5 to $9 each month.

You can also reload funds on your Netspend account. How to add money to someone else’s Netspend card and reload the card? The funds can be added through direct deposit, card account transfer, bank account transfer, or reload network location. However, you will be charged incurring fees whenever adding account through account transfer whether from Netspend card or bank account. Meanwhile, direct deposit is free.

Transferring Money to other’s Netspend Card

Talking about adding money through other’s account, it is a method that is commonly chosen by consumers. How to add money to someone else’s Netspend card? Actually it is pretty easy to transfer money from one Netspend account to the other. It is because you are in the same brand. You have two options to transfer the money. The first, you can send money through FlashPay or simply come to the Netspend branch office.

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Adding money to other’s Netspend account through FlashPay is considered as the easiest way to send money. There are so many features offered by FlashPay. Aside from transferring money in minutes, you can also pay bill or purchase something.

FlashPay can be accessed from your device, whether personal computer or smartphone. Simply enter the amount you want to transfer and enter the recipient numbers, someone else’s Netspend card will be reloaded soon. In short, when it comes to how to add money to someone else’s Netspend card, transfer using FlashPay is the most recommended. Aside from being fast, you can experience a lot of features it offers.