How to Glitch Raz Kids

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To build robot in Raz Kids, you need to collect stars. If you know how to glitch Raz Kids, you can build robot anytime without stars. Raz Kids is an excellent online learning tool to improve student’s reading comprehension. It comes with over 800 e-books that divided into 29 levels. As a result, you can read books that match you reading skill and improve gradually. Raz Kids doesn’t only have English books, but also nursery rhymes, song books, poetry books and even Spanish books. After finishing a book, you also can take a multiple-choice quiz and see whether or not your reading comprehension has improved.

The best thing about Raz Kids is it is not just an ordinary learning tool. In addition to hundreds of interesting e-books, it also comes with Robot Builder, a motivational feature that will cheer you up every time you want to take a break from studying. But before you start playing with the Robot Builder feature, make sure you know how to glitch Raz Kids first.

The reason knowing how to glitch Raz Kids is very important is because it has something to do with the Robot Builder. Robot Builder allows you to purchase items to design your own robot and you need stars to buy those items. To collect the stars, you have to complete Raz Kids’ various learning activities. Each time you pass an activity, you will gain some stars. The number of stars you will get is different from one activity to another. For example, if you listen to a book or record yourself while reading a book, you will get 10 stars. If you complete a book, you will get 50 stars. If you pass a quiz, 100 stars will be given to you and you will get 150 if you get perfect score. If you complete an assessment and assignment, you will get 300 and 500 stars respectively. Since collecting many stars can be very challenging, knowing how to glitch Raz Kids will be very helpful.

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The price of each item can be very expensive. For example, the price of robot’s foot is 2,500 stars. It means you have to finish 5 assignments perfectly to purchase one foot, which certainly can take a long time. This is where learning how to glitch Raz Kids will save your life. With this trick, you can purchase as many robot items as you want even when you don’t have any stars. So, are you interested to find out how to glitch Raz Kids? If you do, simply follow these steps below.

Firstly, open Robot Builder, right click on the item you want to buy and then choose Inspect Element. Find the number that states the price of the item and then change the value to 0. Press enter, close the Inspect Element window and you can purchase the item with zero stars.

Now that you know how to glitch Raz Kids, you can buy the items to decorate your robot anytime you want. But just because you know how to glitch Raz Kids and buy unlimited items, make sure to keep reading the books and use all the learning features because it is more fun to earn stars that way.