How to Hack Raz Kids with Voice

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As an online reading resource, Raz Kids has 800 eBooks and more. Those eBooks come in various kinds, such as songbooks, leveled book, nursery rhymes, and poetry books. It also has Spanish books. Students can both read and also listen to the book. Students also can take a quiz after finishing reading the book. They will acquire stars after that. All students can use these stars to purchase items for building Raz Rocket plus the Robot Builder. Want to purchase items without stars? Read the step on how to hack Raz Kids with voice.

Robot Builder and Raz Rocket are two interesting item in the Raz Kids account since those are motivating all students to get back again to Raz Kids website. Students can decorate their Robot Builder and Raz Rocket by purchasing items. They can purchase items with their stars. If they don’t have adequate stars, they must pass various activities first before getting stars. So, how to hack Raz Kids with voice? With this hack, students can purchase items without enough stars.

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Here, we want to tell you about how to hack Raz Kids with voice. With this hack, you can purchase the wanted items even you have not enough stars to buy it. It’s better to not doing this hack, but we just want to share this information with other people.

The first step is logging in to the Raz Kids website. After that, you should go to the Robot Builder. For instance, you wish for purchasing eyes for the robot, and then just choose the eyes as you like. After that, right click on your wanted eyes. Make sure you open the account of Raz Kids using the Google Chrome browser. Click on “Inspect Element” option and wait for the data to appear. Choose data of the wanted item. For instance, you want to purchase 3000 stars eyes. Then, double-click on it. Now, delete the available number and then write any number you want. You can write ten items or twenty, or whatever you like. After that, press the enter button. Revisit the Raz Kids account and purchase items by clicking those items. Choose to the “buy” option. Unfortunately, iPad user can’t do this simple way on how to hack Raz Kids with voice. You must use computer and Google Chrome only.

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Raz Kids website is a fun reading resource for students. It also has many advantages for students, such as hundred books ready to read and stars as a motivation. Students can also get the Raz Kids application that is known as Kids A-Z. Along with the Kids A-Z, students can read any books, listen to the books, and take a quiz everywhere and anytime. Students can have it without any charge by downloading it. However, if students use the mobile application, they can’t do steps on how to hack Raz Kids with voice. You only can do the steps on how to hack Raz Kids with voice by laptop or PC with only using the Google Chrome browser. Enjoy the hack and good luck with the hack.