How to Use Raz Kids for Parents

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Maybe, you have no idea where to start to use Raz Kids program for parents. How to use Raz Kids for parents? In fact, you also can call Raz Kids customer service just in case you want to know about the use of Raz Kids. Somehow, it is very easy to use this program because you only go to the Raz Kids official website or click Once you click it, then you will be directed to the main page of Raz Kids with the Kids Login display. You can log in and then just type in the username of a teacher. When you decide to use this website, there will be a pop-up notification and let your kids select their names and then enter the password to sign in.

How to use Raz Kids for parents? Perhaps, you can read this following example in which you can continue to use it by clicking on the student and then just enter the password. Then, you can scroll the page down and then you can see a new cool page that looks like a space including the numbers of planets in it. You can see head sprouts on each planet in green color. You can get Ready Test A-Z that you can see it on the orange planet, Writing A-Z in the blue color planet, and the purple planet for the Raz Kids.

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How to use Raz Kids for parents? Well, you just need to choose the Raz Kids first before you explore the head sprouts according to your wishes. In this section, you can let your child go to reading assignment and book room. There are so many books available to read on the reading assignment where kids may also listen to the reading and answering some quizzes related to the topic. Anyway, your kids can listen to the reading carefully and easily or read it manually before taking the quizzes. How to use Raz Kids for parents? Well, you can also actually just let your kids read it and answer the questions just in case it is too easy for them.

How to use Raz Kids for parents? When they complete some quizzes, they have a chance to get points, but they must not make a lot of errors. Of course, this can be a fun activity for your kids because they can finally get more points. In fact, students can also see their points in Star Zones where the points can be used to buy things to build a cool rocket and robot builder. It can be a good motivation so that your kids may complete the activities and earn more points. So, Raz Kids must be the great place to get some cool books that your kids can read anywhere. How to use Raz Kids for parents? Somehow, you can also call the team of Raz Kids just in case your kids are too smart in completing the quizzes or if the books are very easy to them. Raz Kids team would be glad to hear your comments so they can improve the quality of reading resource they have.