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I Am I Raz Kids Song can cheer you up when you are tired of studying. The lyric is easy to follow and the beat will cheer you up so let’s sing it together! Raz Kids is an online learning tool that provides hundreds of resources to improve student’s reading skill. More than 800 e-books are available and they are divided into 29 levels so that students can easily choose reading materials that suit the level of their reading skill. Besides reading, students also can listen to the book and also take quizzes to test their reading comprehension skill.

If you are a loyal user of Raz Kids, you definitely know that it also has plenty of nursery rhymes and song books. The nursery rhymes and song books are used to introduce students to simple beats and rhythms, add more vocabulary and also let the students learn about poetry and rhymes. If you have taken a look at the Song Books, I Am I Raz Kids Song is definitely one of your favorite songs.

I Am I Raz Kids song is more than just an ordinary kids song. The melody of this song might be simple, but its lyric is very meaningful. The lyric of I Am I Raz Kids song encourages every kid to appreciate themselves and their unique personality. It also tells the kids that life has ups and downs and it is okay to feel down every once in a while.

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So, do you remember the lyric of I Am I Raz Kids Song? Do you know how to sing it? If you want to learn how to sing the song, here is the lyric of I Am I Raz Kids song.


I am I said I.

I am me said me.

I am exactly who I am supposed to be.


I am I said I.

I am me said me.

I am exactly who I am supposed to be.


Some days I’m up.

Some days I’m down.

Some days my head is spinning around.

Some days I’m good.

Some days I’m bad.

Some days I’ll do things that’ll make you mad.

But I can’t change myself to suit you

though I know you’d like me to.

What good would I be if I was just like you

and you were just like me?


I might feel lost.

I might feel found.

I might feel like just hanging around.

I might feel like there is no hope.

I might feel like swinging on a rope.

I am me, the best that I can be.

And don’t you see,

that’s all that I can be.


I am I said I.

I am me said me.

I am exactly who I am supposed to be.


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Besides I Am I Raz Kids Song, this online learning tool still has many other nice songs for you to learn. Those songs are Circle of Smiles, I’m Never Alone, Lotsa Pasta. Oh Navajo Girl, Reading Mysteries, The Rabbit and a rap song I’m Never Alone. Just like I am I Raz Kids Song, each and every one of those songs has deep and beautiful meaning as well. If you want to learn to those songs, you can listen to them on YouTube, or simply open your Raz Kids app. The song books come with highlighted words so you can easily sing along to the songs.