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Inmate search is really useful for both crime victims and family members who want to find where a prisoner is jailed. For crime victims, this is useful to keep as far as away from the inmate so that he or she can avoid traumatic effect. For family members, this can help them find out the location or other information related to an inmate. You just need to input a few kinds of information related to the inmate and the detailed information will appear on the screen. Therefore, you can use this facility properly.

What Is Inmate Locator?

Inmate locator is a facility of online search that helps you look for an inmate location or other information related to the inmate like aliases, physical features, etc. Belongs to the facilities of Inmate Search, this also allows you know the release date of an inmate. In short, it is helpful to find detailed information of an inmate. For the further status of an inmate, you are also allows to call the respective Department of Correction. Anyway, you have to use this facility as wise as possible.

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How Does Inmate Search Work?

Now, it is very important to know how Inmate Search will work. To detect the location of an inmate, you have to know at least the nick name of the inmate you mean. It will be better if you know the full name. Inmate Search is available in different countries and they have their own regulations. The information provided is also different from one to another. Some of the example includes IDOC Inmate Search, Oakland Country’s Inmate Search, etc. By clicking the name of the inmate, you can see the photo and other related information.

Inmates in Federal Prison

What if you do not find an inmate you want to look for from Inmate Search? It may be caused by different factors. One of them is because you input wrong information. Besides that, it may also be caused by the status of an inmate where he or she is in probation or parole. In fact, some websites will not show an inmate in probation. In this case, you can consider Federal Inmate Search where it can be found on Federal Bureau of Prison website. There are 2 things required. The first is the name of an inmate and the second one is additional information such as sex, age, race, etc.

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How to Get Notification of Inmate Release

Inmate Search offers different information. One of the most important kinds of information is his or her release date. Unfortunately, some do not provide this information. However, Federal Inmate Locator allows you know the release date of an inmate.

If you are a victim, Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) will be a helpful program. It provides information about the prison location and the release date of an inmate. They will give you notification about it so that you will feel safer. So, you must have this facility provided by Inmate Search.