Jameson Raz Kids Intro for Parents

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Jameson School is one of the schools that use Raz Kids, an excellent online reading resources provided by Learning A-Z. One of the best things about Raz Kids is it is not only beneficial for teachers and students, but also for the parents. As a parent, you definitely want to monitor the learning progress of your kids at school. Unfortunately, with conventional learning resources, it can be hard for parents to communicate with teachers and find out about how well their students performed in school. Raz Kids provide a solution for that. So, if you want to know about your children’s improvement, make sure to read Jameson Raz Kids Intro for parents. Jameson Raz Kids intro for parents will show you all the good features this learning tool provides.

So, the first thing you can learn from Jameson Raz Kids intro for parents is how to access Raz Kids. You can do it via the school’s tech lab website, jamesonschooltech.weebly.com. Click on “Web 2.0 Tools”, scroll down to the very bottom until you see an application with parrot as the logo. That is the Raz Kids app that you are going to use. After that, click on “Jameson Student Login.” In this part, you have to enter a code that is provided by your children’s homeroom teacher. So, if you don’t have this code yet, make sure to ask to your kids’ teacher. Enter the code and then you also have to enter the username of the teacher and the username of your kids. If your kids’ account is password protected, simply enter the password too.

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Now that you have logged in, Jameson Raz Kids intro for parents will show you how to use Raz Kids features. When you see a screen with galaxies and planets, it is the sign that you have successfully accessed the learning tool. In this screen, you can see some features such as Assignments, Book Room, Robot Builder and Raz Rocket. Furthermore, if you take a look at the alphabet on the top, it is actually the reading level of your children so you might want to pay attention to the changes of the alphabet.

If you don’t know what the purpose of each feature is, you don’t have to worry because Jameson Raz Kids intro for parents will introduce them one by one for you. The Assignment is the place where your kids read books and earn stars. In this section, they can read the book, listen to the book and also record themselves while reading the book. You can hear the recording as well so you can help correcting their mistake.

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The next thing you will find out from Jameson Raz Kids intro for parents is Raz Rocket and Robot Builder feature. Every time your kids finish an assignment, they will earn stars. The stars they get as a reward from their assignments can be used to purchase items to build robot and rocket in Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. This is the place where your kids can play after studying. Now that Jameson Raz Kids intro for parents has told you about the features of Raz Kids, you can monitor the learning progress of your children anytime you want.