JP5s and JP5mini, JPay Tablet for Inmates

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In order to allow quick, easy, and convenient communication with US inmates, we will need special device dedicated specifically for such thing. This very device is one that JPay can provide you with. Actually, there are two coming from this company. They are JP5s and JP5mini. Unfortunately, the tablets are not sold globally and you have to get permission for it. Still, JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates are important for us to buy, especially if we still want to keep in touch with the inmate.

If you are interested, you can always make the purchase from after you get permission to use it. Each of the JP5s and JP5mini comes with different features to offer. JP5mini tablet features for example, include 4.3” display, dual-core processor, and 16GB internal storage, while JPS comes with 7” screen with 32GB storage. JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates sure is great with these features.

Basically, JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates are meant for inmates to be able to have words of the outside world. However, JP5 and JP5mini tablet are there as entertaining device for the inmates as well. They can play music and video, or even do video chat as well. They operate with Linux operating system and have their battery life to last for 35 hours in music play mode and 12 hours in video play mode. Great, isn’t it? Staying in prison wouldn’t be so boring anymore, you see.

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JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates are definitely not ones with cheap quality to offer. Even the design is well thought out as well. The tablets are made of plastic material. With it, they become resilient and can survive even after falling from 9-meter height. JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates are not ones to be underestimated, indeed. Who said communication device for inmates can’t be this advanced? You see it now.

Also, there is more to it to the design of the devices than meets the eyes. It is said that the JPay CEO namely Ryan Shapiro, has specifically made them to be impossible to be made as the means for smuggling any prohibited items. JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates are safe device and have been approved to not be ones meant to be used as weapons. You can expect no less from JPay for making this kind of advanced devices.

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How about JP5 and JP5mini tablet price then? We are sure that you would love to know how much it is priced. Let us tell you that you can get your hands on JP5s and JP5mini, JPay tablet for inmates by paying $70. Make sure that you get the permission from the prison warden to avoid unexpected things. Of course, routine surveillance will be conducted to the users.  Here, we have 7 cool facts about these tablets to learn about too. Give them a read and you will know just how great they are.