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JPay app now becomes one of the best apps. This app can be used to communicate between you and someone in the jail. Besides the easiness, it also offers safety. In addition, this app is also legal so that you can use it anytime because it is allowed by the government. This app can be downloaded on your smartphone whether it is android or iOS. JPay app is a kind of app that is very useful. It is designed to allow you communicate and make transaction with a prisoner in the jail. You can use many useful features & services available.

How to Use JPay App

After you download and install it on your own smartphone, you have to make an account first before you can use it. You cannot only use a smartphone but JPay app can also be run through a computer whether it is PC or laptop. Besides for communicating with an inmate, you can also use this app for transaction such as sending money. So, it will be better to have the same account both on android and computer. It purposes to avoid mistakes in transactions.

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JPay app comes with various features. However, not all features can be used because some of them are only allowed for certain devices. The basic menus of this app are Money, Email, Video, & Music. Those cover all the features available. JPay email becomes the most famous feature of JPay app where you can communicate with a prisoner such as sending text, sending photos, etc. The second famous feature is Send Money. If you have someone you love in the jail, you can send money through this feature. The process of transfer is also fast. So, it is very useful and helpful. The next feature is Video Visitation. It functions to make a real time communication like video call. However, there are some rules and policies you must follow. The last one is Music. As its name, it allows you download & also listen to music. Overall, there are so many benefits offered by this JPay app.

Additional Services or Features of JPay

There are still many other JPay features and also services you can find. One of them is a useful feature named Inmate Search. It allows you to find specific inmate. For example, you can find old friend or anyone else in the prison and contact him or her using JPay app. Besides that, there is also a feature called Prison Search. It functions to search specific facility or prison. Although it is available in certain facilities or states only, it allows you to search prison effectively. So, this feature can be used to contact with your loved prisoner or inmate in the jail.

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Then, there are also some services that will be valuable and helpful. For example is JPay’s Lantern where it offers rehabilitation as well as education to prisoners. This can be accessed from Learning Management System. Besides, there is also KA Lite where it offers many educational videos. You can find many videos for self-learning education methods. So, it will be a good program for someone in the prison. In addition, the prisoners are also offered with e-book as well as education games on JPay app for education and entertainment.