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Inmates don’t have to be all isolated inside the prison without knowing the world outside. Keeping the distance between them and their family will do no good to them. This is where JPay comes in to serve you with various inmate services to benefit from. With its advanced technology, both parties can stay connected. JPay buy stamps are necessary for the use of the services too. Let’s learn more about this service in this opportunity then.

JPay and the Services They Have to Offer

In order to let the communication possible, JPay comes up with advanced email system. JPay’s email system is possible with the use of its special devices. Before, what was available was JP3 MP3 for entertainment only. Now, you’ve got JP5 and JP5mini for more advanced features. Remember that JPay buy stamps will be needed to make the most of the services. Here is what they cover for you.

  1. Money Transfer
  2. Emailing System
  3. Video Visitation
  4. Media Purchase
  5. Education

What JPay Stamp Really Is for the Services

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What do JPay buy stamps have something to do with those services? Basically, how JPay stamps work is pretty much the same with normal stamps. They act as something to allow email with attachments to be sent to the JPay first before it is redirected to the inmate facility. There is limit to the use of JPay buy stamps. It is not as restraining as you think, but you can’t send email no more than 6000 characters. It is more than enough.

How People Can Get the JPay Stamps to Use

Let us tell you in this JPay buy stamps guide that there are all sorts of ways for you to get your hands on the stamps. Let’s see what those ways could be in this opportunity since JPay buy stamps are that of great important for the services of Jpay.

1. Buying JPay Stamps

Jpay stamps can always be purchased from JPay itself. The cost might vary by states and facilities, but the range is usually between $0.4 and $0.5.

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2. Free Stamps from JPay

In some occasions, there will be promotional campaign from JPay. For this purpose, users will have the chance to get up to 10 free stamps per month.

3. JPay Stamps Sent to Inmates

JPay stamps can also be transferred to inmates by families and friends. So, inmates don’t have to buy them on their own to send emails to them.

JPay Stamps Expiration Date and Purchase History

To make the most of JPay’s service features, you know very well that JPay buy stamps are needed. However, what about the expiration date of the stamps then? You don’t have to worry. For convenience sake, JPay has made all of their stamps to last forever. Also, if you find the need to audit JPay buy stamps, you can get to open Purchase History under the eMassaging tab after you do the login. JPay sure can be beneficial in every way.